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EU Regulated Crypto Exchange ATAIX Listed XinFin’s token XDCe.

Estonia based cryptocurrency exchange has listed Trade and Finance — focused decentralized network XinFin’s token XDCe on its platform as on 9th October 2019.

Estonia based and EU licensed ATAIX Exchange, a cryptocurrency trade and exchange platform, has listed XinFin’s token XDCE as of 9th October 2019.

ATAIX Exchange provides services like crypto to crypto exchange with the added option of top up a user account using Fiat Currency EUR to the verified user.

ATAIX listed XDCe/BTC (Bitcoin) Pair as on 9th October 2019.

On this occasion, ATAIX Team said:

“We’re always happy to feature such innovative projects with emerging tokens on our platform,”
ATAIX Team added,
“We welcome all members of XinFin’s active community to register on our platform. We have a dedicated support team and can be found on all major platforms for any further inquiries.”

Web-Based Sign-UP Link:

ATAIX Mobile Trading App Available for Android and iOS

ATAIX Exchange-listed XinFin’s token XDCe


ATAIX is an EU-based digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to easily trade their cryptocurrencies, tokens and fiat currencies on a safe, user-friendly, and fast platform.

ATAIX is operated by EuroToken OÜ, registered in Tallinn, Estonia, and operates under the number 14454785 in accordance with the following two licenses: 1) Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency (License No. FVR000231), and 2) Providing a virtual currency wallet service (License No. FRK000194).

About XDCe Utility Token

XDC (XinFin Digital Contract) its a Trade and Finance focus utility token. The XDC (1:1 Swapable with XDCe (ERC20 version) can also act as a pure messaging and confirmation layer using existing payment rails or as a settlement layer through approved and regulated institutions.

About XinFin:

XinFin Blockchain Network is run by more than 50+ independent enterprises and individuals across the globe. The idea, according to XinFin, is for its council to ensure that the network remains decentralized and focused on the use-case of digitization and tokenization of trade and finance instruments under TradeFinex Tech Ltd. This entity has already received a RegLab License under ADGM-Regulatory, UAE.

What is XinFin ?:

We invite you to join the XinFin Community at:



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XinFin Hybrid Blockchain More information at




The XinFin XDC Network ($XDC) is an enterprise-ready, open source, hybrid blockchain protocol specializing in tokenization for real-world decentralized finance.

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XinFin XDC Hybrid Blockchain Network

XinFin XDC Hybrid Blockchain Network

XinFin [XDC] is an open source hybrid blockchain platform.

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