Karan Bharadwaj, CTO, XinFin speaks at Blockchain and Businesses Event organized by Nanyang Blockchain Association on 27th March 2018

Karan Bharadwaj, CTO, XinFin

XinFin invites more and more universities to associate with them and become a part of Blockchain Revolution.

Singapore based Blockchain Technology company, XinFin will attend the “Blockchain and Businesses Event” organized by Nanyang Blockchain Association on 27th March 2018. Karan Bharadwaj, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at XinFin will speak at the event held at Theatre @Nest, Innovation Centre, NTU on 27 March 2018 from 6:30 PM onwards to 9:30 PM.

XinFin has created Hybrid Blockchain and applications for global trade and finance. This hybrid Blockchain platform is highly scalable, safe, permissioned and commercial grade with best features of Quorum, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Karan Bharadwaj has vast subject knowledge and experience across various blockchain platforms including Bitcoin, IBM’s Fabric, Ethereum, JP Morgan’s Quorum and Intel’s Sawtooth which he will share with university students.

The event is primary focused on blockchain technology. Speakers will share their views on the future of blockchain industry and the work their company has done in the blockchain space so far. Karan will talk about the Blockchain and will introduce Hybrid Blockchain Technology to the students. He will also cover a quick case study from current POCs of XinFin. He will extend XinFin’s development environment to students and will also guide them on how they can create DAPPS effortlessly.

Speaking on the event, Karan said, “We expect that this opportunity will offer students the insight and practical knowledge about XinFin Hybrid Blockchain and XDC protocol so that they can utilize it in future for creating DAPPS and working in niche enterprises directly. We invite more and more universities to associate with us and become a part of blockchain revolution.”

XinFin recorded high trading volume on major exchanges including Bancor, KoinOK, Alphaex, Forkdelta and Etherflyer. The company recently completed its initial coin offering (ICO) and raised $15 million USD equivalent witnessing the confidence of its international customer base on blockchain technology. XinFin advisory board includes names of seasoned advisors like Roger Ver, Mike Tokay and Jason Butcher.

About XinFin:

XinFin (http://www.xinfin.io) is a Blockchain technology company that has built enterprise friendly Hybrid Blockchain and platform for international trade and finance. XinFin and Ramco Systems have partnered to deploy blockchain solutions for 500+ of its customers across HR, Supply Chain and Aviation. Singapore based Ramco Systems is a part of $1Billion worth Ramco Group of Companies. The company also unveiled their pioneer TradeFinex market platform, at Assocham, The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India(www.assocham.org) and will cater to 450,000 of enterprise participants.

Follow XinFin at –

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XinFin_Official

Telegram: https://t.me/xinfintalk

Slack: https://xinfin-public.slack.com

Latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-tHZkV6zAs

Whitepapers: http://www.xinfin.org/white-paper


XinFin [XDC] is an open source hybrid blockchain platform

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