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Send Offline Functionality (SOF): A Secure Way to Transact XDC Coins

Step-by-step guide to offline XDC transactions.

What is Send Offline Functionality (SOF)?

Hardware Requirement

  • Computer 1 (Offline): This computer has to be used after complete formatting and re-installation of the OS, apart from completely disabling the network card.
  • Computer 2 (Online): This computer shall be connected to the internet. Consequently, it must have updated antivirus and internet security solutions installed.
  • USB Drive: A fresh USB drive is to be used, dedicated solely to the purpose of transacting XDC offline.
  • Camera (Optional): Although optional, one might use a camera for scanning QR codes.

Transacting XDC Offline: A Three-Part Process

Task 1: Download & Run the Offline XDC Wallet

index.html File

Task 2: Generate the Offline Transaction

Task 3: Send the Transaction Using XinFin Web Wallet



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