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Win Upto $10K In Bounty for Deploying Solidity Contract on XinFin-XDC Mainnet.

If you already have solidity smart contracts, you can deploy them on XinFin.Network to be eligible for free XDC coin bounty till June 30, 2020.

If you already have solidity smart contracts, you can deploy them on XinFin.Network to be eligible for free XDC coin bounty. Bounty valid till 30 June 2020. Interesting DApps will have provisions to get marketing grants on top of the bounty.

How to Deploy Contract on XinFin Network?

Easy step by step guide to deploy the smart contract on XinFin Testnet (Apothem) through XinFin Remix and XinPay.:

  1. Install XinPay
  2. Navigate to Remix XinFin Network
  3. Click on settings -> choose your compiler (e.g. 0.4.19+commit.c4cbbb05).
    Note that optimization is unchecked.
  4. Login to XinPay and choose MainNet network
  5. Go back to the compile tab
  6. Delete the contents of the example contract
  7. Paste in your contract (it should auto compile)
  8. Click on the run tab
  9. Click on the deploy button
  10. Once XinPay opens, choose your gas price and click ‘Submit’ to sign your transaction
  11. Open XinPay again and click on the transaction hash, which should redirect you to something like
  12. Once published, click on the contract address which should be a URL like
  13. Click on ‘Contract Source‘ tab on XDC Explorer and click Verify and Publish
  14. Set the name of the contract to the exact name as that in Remix and the compiler to the same exact version as that in Remix. Once done, set optimization to “No” if you didn’t click it on Remix in Step 3.

Ref Article:

Or look at the video:

How to install XinPay?

XinPay allows you to run XinFin DApps right in your browser without running a full XinFin node. (Supported Browser:- Google Chrome)

Click here to read the instructions on Medium.

Or, watch the video:

Links to other useful resource and tools:

How to claim your bounty?

  1. Deploy the contract on XinFin.Network
  2. Make an announcement on your official social media handle (Twitter/Linkedin) or make a PressRelease/Blog/BitcoinTalk post by tagging XinFin handle and adding relevant images and the keywords #XDC #XinFin #developer)
  3. Fill this Google form to claim your bounty.

Bounty Terms:

  • Any current Solidity Smart Contract is eligible for the bounty.
  • Contract deployment URL and website URL is mandatory
  • Share over social media post the deployment of the smart contract. And tag XinFin/XDC in comment
  • Bounty starts from USD 25 onwards.
  • The committee reserves all rights to reject a bounty claim
  • The team will reject the application if the same candidate applies multiple times.
  • Bounty will be given as XDC coin.

About XinFin Bounty Program

Contribute to the XinFin Blockchain Ecosystem and earn rewards! We Invite our Community and all bug bounty hunters to participate in the bounty program and win lots of rewards. Check out the Developer Information Center for technical documentation and Official Telegram Developer Channel to find the development resources. For other bounties visit:

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