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XinFin at Global Blockchain Hackathon 2018

XinFin Community sponsored Global Blockchain Hackathon 2018 organised by BLOOMBOX KJSCE.

Panelists and XinFin team with participants at the event.

Global Blockchain Hackathon was conducted by BloomBox, the Entrepreneurship Cell of K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering in association with XinFin, and has an aim to provide a platform to invite solution creators and visionaries to explore technology and business innovations to help shape the future! It’s the ultimate event for learning, hacking and networking with your peers from the crypto community.

Garage Session (Hands-on Workshop)

Vineet Parekh, XinFin Representative at Hand-on Workshop.

Global Blockchain Hackathon kicked off with a garage. Garage is a one day event which includes hands on session right from ideation to implementation. The participants created a Decentralized auction application by the end of garage.

Panel Discussion on Blockchain: The Future of Money, Governance and Law.

(From left to right) Ritesh Kakkad, Co-Founder, XinFin, Prasanna Lohar, Head Innovation and Architecture, DCB Bank, Amol Dethe — Editor, Finbizness and Saurabh Ambwani, Blockchain Head, L&T infotech.

Garage was succeeded by a fireside chat with a panel of experts from the industry that included: Ritesh Kakkad, Co-Founder, XinFin. Saurabh Ambwani, Blockchain Head, L&T infotech, Prasanna Lohar, Head Innovation and Architecture, DCB Bank, Amol Dethe — Editor, Finbizness. The experts gave their two cents on ‘Blockchain: The future of money, governance and law.’

Ritesh Kakkad, XinFin Co-Founder and Blockchain Strategist sharing his views at the fire-side chat Audience asking questions from panelists

Ritesh Answering the Questions evolved by the participants post fire-side chat session.

Ritesh talking to participants post fire-side chat session.

Students had lots of question and approached XinFin Co-Founder Ritesh Kakkad post the fire-side chat session.

Few questions and answer discussed are listed below:

  1. How can we contact XinFin community for any sort of queries or updates?

Ritesh replied: “ We have official pages on social sites such as Github , Slack , Reddit , Telegram , where you can interact with our XinFin community and for any queries you can email us at”

2. What are the technologies we should focus on apart from Blockchain Technology?

Ritesh replied: “ Blockchain Technology , IOT , Artificial Intelligence should be focused upon as these are the technologies which will be leading for 10 years. Along with these technologies also focus on system level platforms as most of the people focus on online applications but developing a system level platform using compilers would be great to stand unique from the usual crowds. Our tech teams are involved in developing system level platforms these days so you can also contribute to our development through Online Hackathon”.

3. Is their any internship opportunity ?

Ritesh replied: “ We have posted our requirements on Online Hackathon . Any person coming up with a solution to our requirements can be an intern at XinFin. Also, he/she will be gifted with the bounty.”

4. Lots of things changes in development phase after every interval of time, what would you suggest us?

Ritesh replied: “Technologies will change time to time , you have to be dynamic towards technologies. The speed to adopt new technologies is the place where you need to focus on as changes in tech is quite common in technical world.”

5. What do you think about quantum computing technology?

Ritesh replied: “Quantum Computing Technology is in its initial stages so it may take around 10 years to evolve in real world use-cases. Till it evolves in real world Blockchain Technology , IOT , Artificial Intelligence will be the shining star in Tech-World.”

6. Where could we get the updates on XinFin?

Ritesh replied: “Updates are released regularly on our official social sites like Twitter , Medium, LinkedIn , Telegram, Youtube. You can also subscribe to the XinFin Community Newsletter”.

Global Blockchain Hackathon 2018

XinFin’s Tech Team (from left to right) Raj Shah, Daivik Patel and Vrushali Panchal at the event.

45 teams were shortlisted based on a criterion that included previous projects and relevant experience.


Day One of Hackathon, participants building MVPs on XDC Protocol

The participants were loaded with zest, determination, joy and the passion to win the Global Blockchain Hackathon conducted in association with the IT department of KJSCE. They received a lot of guidance from the mentors from XinFin.


Participants presenting MVPs to the judges at Day Two of Hackathon

The hackathon witnessed students participating from Punjab, Chennai, Delhi and many cities from across the country.

Judges with winning teams

Final judges included Mr. Irfan Siddavatam, Mr. Rohit Kilam (Aditya Birla Finance Ltd.) and Mr. Prasham Rambhia (Nomura). The judges were very content to announce the winners of the Global Blockchain Hackathon with the team from Sangli who secured first place and a triple tie between three teams who secured second place.

XinFin invites Developers

XinFin take this opportunity to invite people to work on Open-Hackathon Problem Statements and join our Telegram Developer Channel, dedicated for uplifting developers and build an ecosystem around blockchain. Rewards of $10000 worth XDC shall be awarded to submissions that are accepted as solutions to open-problem statements. Please checkout the open-problem statements on our GitHub.

Visit GitHub:

View Problem Statements:

Join Telegram (Developer’s group):

Link to join our Telegram Developer Channel: tg://join?invite=IDjEOEUaNJNpbeM-c1YtZw

XinFin is a decentralized Blockchain platform that runs smart contracts and provide cross-chain interoperability, and is fully EVM compatible. Learn more about XinFin in the video below.

XinFin Hybrid Blockchain and XDC Protocol for Global Trade and Finance.

We invite you to join the XinFin Community at:




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