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XinFin Delegated Proof of Stake (XDPoS): Announcing Major Network Update.

XinFin’s update on its XDPoS consensus protocol will go live in the upcoming days.

XinFin’s update on its XDPoS consensus protocol will go live in the upcoming days. The upgrades will go live on Testnet. Thereafter, XinFin’s protocol team will conduct hard tests — -like node, smart contract, & advanced non-functional tests — — over the Apothem network. Upon passing all hard tests, the upgrade will be done on the Mainnet accordingly. With this upgrade, some important functionalities will be added to XinFin’s Mainnet.

What’s XDPoS?

XDPoS is an innovative solution that solves the scalability problem in Ethereum blockchain and other blockchain-based platforms. Relying on a 108-Masternode system that has XDPoS consensus, the innovative technology supports fast(2-seconds) transaction confirmation times.

XDPOS also leverages inventive techniques like staking via smart contracts, true randomization, and double validation to guarantee stability, security, and chain finality.

XinFin’s XDPoS system is interoperable with EVM-compatible (Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible) protocols, smart contracts, and cross-chain token transfers.

What innovative features will the upgrade activate?

1. Solidity Upgrade to v0.7.0 — (v0.8.0 is supported)

XinFin’s XDPOS is upgrading its EVM to support the latest version of solidity — that’s version v0.8.0. Upon upgrade, XinFin’s developers will bypass extensive customization when deploying code from different EVM chains.

This feature will support XinFin’s ecosystem partners and enhance internal product development.

2. Geth Upgrade to v1.9.X

With the v1.9.X upgrade, databases needed to run XinFin nodes are separated into two databases.

With the upgrade, acceleration, and state structures, and the most recent blocks will be stored in a fast key-value store — also known as LevelDB. The key-value storage will run on a solid-state drive(SSD).

For blocks and receipts that are older than the set cut-off threshold will be moved to a custom freezer database. The custom freezer runs on a hard disk drive (HDD).

The changes help cut costs by running the most essential files over SSD.

3. Transaction Fee Address

Going forward, transaction fees will transfer to the owner’s address instead of the coinbase/ miner’s address.

4. Fixed and Added Eth_chainId

With the Eth_chainId, the system will be more secure. That’s due to improvements in the replaying of protection transactions.

This will provide military-grade security, supported by forensic monitoring to identify misbehaving nodes.

5. Reward halving issue

The upgrade fixes the issue of fewer rewards to master node owners.

With the improved rewards, nodes will be incentivized to join and maintain the XDC Network.

6. TransactionReceipt Error Fixed

With the upgrade, errors in TransactionReceipt that relate to random RPC API calls will be fixed.

7. Bad Block Fix

The upgrade will also fix bad blocks at checkpoints.

8. Multiple Miner address Fixed

The upgrade handles issues relating to multiple miner addresses that could cause a fork on the Mainnet.


Here are a few responses to questions you may have regarding the upgrade.

1. As an XDC holder, is there anything one needs to do?

For XDC holders using wallet services (like gurda), and an exchange (like the AlphaEx exchange), you won’t be doing anything since the systems can be used as before.

However, if your wallet or exchange service requires you to make some changes, you’ll be notified

2. As a node operator, what do I need to do?

Masternodes and full node operators must update their node software as soon as possible.

3. What happens if a Full Node or Masternode fails to upgrade?

For continued Masternode participation on the XDC network, Masternode holders must upgrade. Older versions will be slashed.

4. How will the upgrade affect existing stakes, ledger states, and XDCs?

All the existing XDCs, stakes, ledger states, and transactions will remain intact. And, they can be used exactly as before.

5. Will the upgrade be backward-compatible — in terms of API and data?

The upgrade will be fully backward-compatible — -that’s in terms of APIs and data. After the upgrade, the XDC network will continue extending the current public ledger from the XDPoS1.0 version.

As well, APIs to browsers, exchanges, wallets, etc. will be fully backward compatible. Thus, Xinfin customers can rest assured that the upgrade will be transparent.

6. What will the update provide Ethereum’s EVM-compatible projects?

This Major update will provide Ethereum’s EVM-compatible projects to move to XinFin Network with several benefits. These include near-zero gas fees, 99% less energy consumption for the block network as compared to PoW Network. And, 2-second block finality system, which is by far better than a few minutes in other PoW based networks. Read more about the developer resource and tools.

7. When will the Node upgrade procedure be made available?

XinFin will soon publish a detailed article and update its GitHub Page on how to upgrade your XinFin Node. The article will hold your hand through the entire process, helping you upgrade your node seamlessly.

If you have any questions or need clarifications, kindly join our community support. As well, node runners and developers are welcome to join our Github channel, Slack channel, and Telegram channel. Other channels you can follow include Xinfin’s Facebook, Medium, and Reddit channels.

Check out XinFin Docs and API docs XinFin APIs, API docs on XinFin Network, Public API Docs on Explorer of XinFin Network. Third-party API: BlocksScan, Tatum .



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