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XinFin Delegated Proof of Stake (XDPoS): Major Upgrades at Block number 38383838.

XinFin’s XDC Network update named “Andromeda” on its XDPoS consensus protocol going live at block number 38383838, estimated on 1 December 2021.

What innovative features will the Andromeda upgrade activate?

  • Solidity Upgrade to v0.8.x: XinFin’s XDPoS is upgrading its EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) to support the latest version of solidity. Upon upgrade, XinFin’s developers will bypass extensive customization when deploying code from different EVM chains.
    This feature will support XinFin’s ecosystem partners and enhance internal product development.
  • Transaction Fee Address: Going forward, transaction fees will transfer to the owner’s address instead of the coinbase/ miner’s address.
  • Fixed and Added Eth_chainId: With the Eth_chainId, the system will be more secure. That’s due to improvements in the replaying of protection transactions. This will provide military-grade security, supported by forensic monitoring to identify misbehaving nodes.
  • Reward halving issue: The upgrade fixes the issue of fewer rewards to master node owners. With the improved rewards, nodes will be incentivized to join and maintain the XDC Network.
  • Multiple Miner address Fixed: The upgrade handles issues relating to multiple miner addresses that could cause a block creation delay on the Mainnet.

There are 04 way’s and steps to upgrade your node are as follows;

Upgrade using Docker Node

  • To down the current docker node run “docker-compose -f docker-services.yml down”
  • Take the latest backup of xdcchain folder along with keystores files:- “cp xdcchain xdcchain_backup -r”
  • Then run “bash”
  • More info:-
  • Download XDC.Network Snapshot
  • “tar -xvzf xdcchain.tar”
  • “rm -rf xdcchain/XDC xdcchain.tar”
  • “mv XDC xdcchain”
  • “rm -rf xdcchain/XDC/nodekey”
  • “docker-compose -f docker-services.yml up -d”
  • To down the current docker node run “docker-compose -f docker-services.yml down”
  • Rename Current xdcchain folder as new folder “mv xdcchain xdcchain_1_4_3”
  • Use Backup xdcchain from backup folders “mv xdcchain_backup xdcchain”
  • Use stable version “git checkout stable”
  • Start Docker Node “docker-compose -f docker-services.yml up -d”


Here are a few responses to questions you may have regarding the upgrade.



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