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XDCE Token

XinFin launches XDCE, open its utility token sale on Feb 5, 2018

Singapore based Blockchain Technology Company, XinFin Fintech Pte. Ltd. launched its utility token XDCE on Monday. XDCE which is an ERC20 token will have multifold benefits for traders, private investors and institutional level partners.

Speaking about the XDCE Crowd Token Sale, Alex Mathbeck, Marketing Head, XinFin said, “The XDCE token will predominantly help traders who compete against other ERC20 tokens across various exchanges. XDCE token is swappable which means it can be swapped 1:1 with the standard XDC token without any transaction fee. While our reach becomes more versatile in the open crypto market with this launch, traders will also leverage from XDCE’s compatibility and tradability on most exchanges. Traders can perform quick, high volume trades using XDCE token, allowing institutional level partners to primarily use the XDC01(XDC) token. This will enable XDC01 to grow strictly from use cases whereas traders using XDCE can connect and benefit from growth of standard XDC token.”

Hosted on decentralized Ethereum Ecosystem, the ERC20 utility token, XDCE will enable global enterprises work with XDC Protocol. The release of these utility tokens will boost liquidity of XDC tokens facilitating large number of business use cases.

“XinFin tokens are on built on XDC01 protocol which is first of its kind hybrid protocol and listing a newer protocol on the exchanges is a time consuming process. This limits the liquidity further limiting number of business cases being scaled. Launch of XDCE tokens was a move in this direction so that people can trade at stable prices on regulated exchanges sidestepping volatile market where changes price drastically due to lower liquidity.” said, Alex Mathbeck, Marketing Head, XinFin.

Available through its public ICO, XDCE utility tokens will help people get access to the XDC protocol and its sub-networks by hosting XDC masternodes.

“The various tiers of XinFin master nodes make it flexible for participants to work with the XDC protocol in a secure environment. The XDC can act as a pure messaging and confirmation layer using existing payment rails or as a settlement layer through approved and regulated institutions.” said, Alex Mathbeck, Marketing Head, XinFin.

Token Sale Page:

Having raised over USD 1.5 million during pre-placement in July-August 2017, XinFin utilized the funds to build its XDC Hybrid Blockchain protocol and platform. XinFin has developed a highly scalable, secure, permissioned and commercial grade Blockchain architecture that combines the best features of Bitcoin, Quorum and Ethereum.

Karan Bharadwaj, Chief Technology Officer, XinFin said, “XDC blockchain is a hybrid blockchain that maintains both a public state as well as a private state. This distinction is very useful for enterprise use cases because various institutions may prefer to keep their financial transactions private but still be verifiable by an immutable record on the public state of the blockchain. This need is fulfilled by the XDC blockchain where the details of the transaction are available only to the involved participants but the same transaction can easily be verified because of its digital record on the public state of the blockchain.”

With an aim to bridge the global infrastructural deficit with their open source marketplace platform — Tradefinex, XinFin enables financial institutions with tools to undertake peer-to-peer financial contracts between governments, corporation, buyers and suppliers.

“XinFin recently rolled out Beta version of TradeFinex platform at the 2nd Global Summit on P2P Digital Asset System Summit held in India. As a part of this association, XinFin will extend its TradeFinex platform to Assocham’s network of 300+ trade associations and 450,000 members to minimize inefficiencies in trade and finance. Started with the World’s fastest growing economy, TradeFinex platform will be rolled out globally to all leading trade associations in coming weeks. XinFin has already expanded its client base across Singapore, India, USA, Europe and currently working on 10+ pilot projects across aviation, travel, banking, supply chain management among others.” said, Alex Mathbeck, Marketing Head, XinFin.

Over a half a dozen PoCs have been completed on the XinFin network and the proceeds from current round of token sale will be used to extend the PoCs into sizeable pilot projects with enterprises and institutions around the world. The funds will also be utilized for ecosystem development and masternodes proliferation of the XinFin network amongst institutions.

About XinFin FinTech Pte. Ltd

XinFin is a Singapore based blockchain technology company focused on international trade and finance across the globe. XinFin’s XDC protocol is a hybrid blockchain that allows peer-to-peer contracts over regulated payment rails or using XDC tokens in approved jurisdictions. With an aim to bridge the global infrastructural deficit with their open source marketplace platform — Tradefinex, XinFin enables financial institutions with tools to undertake peer-to-peer financial contracts between governments, corporation, buyers and suppliers. This helps in an efficient use of capital and deployment of projects without burdening the government treasury. You can follow XinFin on Twitter ( and on Telegram (

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XinFin [XDC] is an open source hybrid blockchain platform

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