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XinFin RoadMap For 2021: Wallet, Custodian Integration, XDC Rapid Adoption.

Wallet integration, custodian integration, rapid adoption of XDC, and many more for the XDC Community in the RoadMap 2021.

XinFin RoadMap for 2021

1. Build a robust support infrastructure for the XDC Mainnet Chain with new wallet integrations

2. Drive rapid adoption of XDC with DApps currently running on the XDC Network

3. Exchange Listings

4. Market making + Liquidity push by incentivizing Market Makers

5. Global awareness + PR

6. Develop Interoperability of XDC with Ethereum ecosystem

7. Legal Clarity on XDC Network and token

8. Hackathon & internship to promote XDC Adoption and More Dapps Integration.

9. Enhance XDC Staking in the following ways:

Inorganic Growth through third party project integrations:

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