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XinFin[XDC] Network joins the International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA)

XinFin[XDC] Network has joined ITFA to enable financial institutions and fintechs to unleash benefits of tokenization and digital assets for Trade Finance with XDC Network

About XinFin[XDC] Network

XinFin is an enterprise-grade hybrid blockchain network platform with XDC as a native fuel and utility token used as a backbone of the network. XDC Network is a Governance driven blockchain network with various use cases such as tokenization of data, financial instruments, trade instruments. XDC network enables smart contracts so companies or developers can deploy their own decentralised applications on it. It can be used as a backbone network for deploying Central bank digital currencies or tokenizing fiat currency or cash by regulated financial institutions. Learn more about XinFin at To see a live hybrid network in action, please visit: Twitter: @XinFin_Official Linkedin:

About ITFA

The International Trade & Forfaiting Association, ITFA, is the worldwide trade association for commercial companies, financial institutions, and intermediaries engaged in global trade, forfaiting, supply chain, and receivables financing. Founded in 1999 and with more than 300 members, ITFA aims to foster business relationships and is at the forefront of understanding current and emerging changes, challenges and opportunities in trade finance, and protecting the interests of the incumbents. Learn more at



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