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XinFin’s Exchange Listing Experience.

XinFin would like to share the experiences of exchange listing.

The XinFin team was very keen to get listed on some regulated exchange, in order to get Fiat currency pair with XDCe but after a bit of research we found the below-mentioned facts:

Other facts:

  • Singapore based DBS Bank closed Liquid bank account, post which, they have started banking from offshore bank ac.
  • The bank account for deposits at Liquid lies in Poland while the withdrawal bank is separate.
  • New USA based customers can not trade with Liquid or open accounts with Liquid.

When should you go for Binance Listing?

Most of the community members are keen to know “When they should go for Binance Listing?”


After experiencing various exchanges and having a thorough discussion with the community members, we came up with the following solution:

Listing with Singapore based Homiex Exchange :

They have an office in Singapore as well as in China and are also well known in this region. They have an established institutional clientele and have healthy relationships with banks in Singapore They are also well as connected to the APAC region. Homiex also provides Fiat liquidity gateway through SGD and CNY deposits.

Another Estonia based exchange offer XinFin’s XDCe to list with their exchange without any listing fees. They provide an option to buy and sell from the fiat bank account or credit card. They also have IBAN support in Europe. More details at

Additional Exchange Listing:

One more Singapore based exchange backed by a regulator extended support to List XinFin’s XDCe without any listing fee. We will be updating you over social media about that as soon as we go live on that.

  • P2PB2B Exchange extended support with XDCe: USD Pair at
  • Getting Listed with Estonia based Regulated exchange with a fiat gateway and IBAN facility support.
  • ABCC Exchange is already providing support to Purchase Crypto using credit/debit card at
  • Exchange has already added liquidity against the pair XRP: XDC shall also get the access to XRP community for grading XDCs. You can check liquidity depth at Alphaex will be adding many other pairs for liquidity once stability with at least one pair is achieved.
  • Adding more Liquidity Support with XDCe: USDT, XDCe: BTC pair with exchanges like LATOKEN, P2PB2B, COSS, in order to achieve deeper liquidity for buying/selling XDCe. This mechanism will be added in the coming weeks itself.

Priority in the roadmap :

  • XinFin has always aimed at institutional use cases. Our priority is to work with exchanges that are preferred by institutions and banks as it creates security assurance.
  • Onboarding market makers, who can facilitate good liquidity at the current price to support
  • Institutional master nodes purchase
  • Payment of XDC utility fees
  • Facilitating XDC as a utility settlement coin
  • Liquidity at CMC price with strong buy walls and sell walls around the price to help institutional players buy large quantities of XDC for utility usage

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