🎉 An XLNT Thesis

Looking forward to an XLNT future for tokenized assets.

Matt Condon
Feb 9, 2018 · 5 min read

TL;DR: What is XLNT?


  • the canonical location for profile metadata on the decentralized web,
  • a framework for managing tokenized assets in dApps, games, decentralized organizations, and more,
  • a bunch of fun experiments on tokenization and the combination of digital and physical properties.

Why XLNT is Interesting

One of the best applications of blockchain technologies is “tokenizing” assets; adding the properties of digital security to traditional assets unlocks a lot of value:

  • atomic transfers,
  • ownership history (provenance), and
  • provable scarcity.

Product Structure

XLNT is two layers, designed with a clear divide. The first layer is the open, standard-compliant, and decentralized layer—the source of truth for the platform. The second is XLNT.co: the interface that provides convenient access to the protocol layer for a variety of users.

The Protocol / Standards Layer

Less of a protocol and more of a collection of standards, backed by Ethereum. We’ll create and leverage standards for non-fungible tokens, marketplace auctions, p2p atomic swaps, claim management, token media presentation, identity, and more. XLNT is invested in shared ecosystem success—partnering and integrating with existing protocols where goals align.

The Application Layer

The application layer is the central platform that serves as the way that 90% of people will interact with the standards layer. This includes a showcase (“explorer”), marketplaces, traditional APIs that leverage optimistic updates, and more.

Short Term

XLNT’s short term plan is designed to create immediate value; what can people start doing on top of the platform immediately?

Creators, Wallet, and Marketplace

Showcase—a universal interface for all tokenized assets, powered by Gnarly. This has the features of a wallet, but is more of a showcase for the things you own, with the ability to manage and organize them.

Community, Partnerships, Artists, and Experiments

Community—Gather the community into a location where people can build ideas and eventually build on top of the platform. This is r/XLNT and the XLNT.chat slack channel (join the conversation!). If the community’s needs grow, we can adopt other platforms.

Medium Term

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate—Build on our own platform and dogfood experiences on top of it. Start becoming the Zynga/Blizzard of decentralized gaming. Build and launch products that leverage asset tokenization.

Long Term

Obviously we can’t see the future. That’d be pretty excellent. But here’s the long-tail of XLNT:



Thanks to Nate Oden, Feridun Mert Celebi, Paul Fletcher-Hill, and Calvin Chan.

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