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Maple Finance and Maven 11’s wETH Pool to leverage X-Margins Privacy-Preserving Credit Infrastructure

Maven 11 launched a wrapped Ethereum pool on Maple Finance, and will be using X-Margin’s privacy-preserving credit infrastructure to capture and monitor real-time borrower risk across CeFi and DeFi. X-Margin brings transparency to the Maven 11’s lending pools by providing real-time credit risk metrics, allowing for more efficient capital deployment and superior risk management. We are excited to be partnering with Maven 11 and Maple Finance to continue building out an efficient credit market for the crypto ecosystem.

Maple Finance delegates have allocated over $1.1 billion in loans since its launch in 2021. Maven 11’s new wETH pool is operated alongside their initial USDC pool launched in July of 2021. The USDC pool facilitated over $390 million in loans, while their wETH pool that launched on March 10th has already facilitated over $44 million in loans and is growing quickly.

X-Margin’s mission is to make credit more transparent and competitive, with privacy-preserving credit infrastructure that ingests on-chain and off-chain sensitive data and generates a standardized credit evaluation. Furthermore, by streamlining the onboarding and KYC processes X-Margin helps Maven11 quickly onboard new borrowers and assess their creditworthiness.

X-Margin believes that the most complete credit evaluation of any borrower involves capturing both CeFi and DeFi risk, while supplementing verified static data with provably unbiased real-time risk calculations. For lenders, X-Margin permits a more accurate evaluation of trading firm strategy and liquidity. The partnership with Maven 11 and Maple Finance progresses X-Margin’s mission to enable data-driven, programmatic and transparent credit markets in crypto.

Why Privacy is Important

Borrower’s creditworthiness is derived from sensitive data that should remain private. In traditional markets, borrowers are reliant on central repositories or credit intermediaries to warehouse this data and determine capital allocation. X-Margin’s ability to capture sensitive data in a provably private and neutral way means borrowers can attest to creditworthiness without relying on a single central credit intermediary, enabling DeFi credit applications to scale efficiently.

Future of Credit

The partnership between X-Margin, Maven 11 and Maple Finance is a positive step for the DeFi space, building on the work done by Maple so far to improve the efficiency of undercollateralized borrowing. Dominant existing credit solutions in crypto are centralized and opaque when it comes to risk management and price discovery. Maple Finance improves the transparency and efficiency of the institutional lending market, opening up access to high yields for all investors. Combining this infrastructure with Maven 11s due diligence track record and X-Margin’s real-time credit evaluation creates a new industry standard of capital-efficient, transparent and disintermediated credit markets.

Maven 11’s wETH Pool Information

The wETH pool is open and targets between 8–10% APY for investors depending upon market conditions. You can find out more about Maven 11’s wETH pool on Maple Finance’s platform.

You can learn more about X-Margin’s technology and platform on our website, or follow us on Twitter and Telegram to stay updated on all our latest developments.

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The X-Margin team has developed a private credit infrastructure that evaluates the real-time creditworthiness of borrowers while protecting sensitive data. The technology enables transparency and disintermediates the flow of credit to provide capital efficiency.

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X-Margin enables data-driven and transparent lending across CeFi and DeFi using real-time privacy-preserving monitoring.

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