Welcome to XOCIETY

In XOCIETY, you are reborn as a new world member. What are you going to do?

Ryan "NDUS" Chown


Humankind has been reborn 50,000 years after the 6th Great Extinction.

The key to XOCIETY is what you can and will do!

High-Fidelity Metaverse

XOCIETY will be a High-Fidelity Metaverse. In XOCIETY you’ll have a different level of freedom from existing Metaverse worlds.

Do you like to explore? Do you want to make a fortune? Do you want to build a landmark? Do you want war?

In XOCIETY, you can own anything, do anything, and go anywhere. Your guide, named Companion, will always be with you and help you. This is XOCIETY, a new world that’s different from the old stereotypes.


XOCIETY seeks decentralization. Everyone who plays can participate in XOCIETY’s control, and everyone becomes part of the economic ecosystem.

Stereotypical leaders and governments don’t exist in XOCIETY. A perfectly decentralized world will give you enormous power, and the new future energy you produce will make you part of the economic ecosystem. Of course, the giant AI that supports you, NDUS, will actively help you throughout the process.

Creators’ Ecosystem

XOCIETY will offer a variety of high-quality in-game authoring tools. All content created in this way can be enjoyed by everyone at any time and together, there’s no locked content creation.

As long as resources and time allow, you can ‘make’ many things and ‘share’ them at XOCIETY. And those activities and outcomes will make you more honorable and powerful in your influence.

Socialized World

XOCIETY is social. It listens to the community. Any valuable opinion you present with your friend may be reflected throughout XOCIETY.

Through NDUS and Companion, you can interact with many people. You can make them friends, you can consider them competitors, you can define them as enemies. And the opinions of you and your group will play an important role in running XOCIETY.

Powerful Partners:

XOCIETY is being built by a team of experts, with industry-leading knowledge. Bringing together their years of experience into web 3. Together they're called Team NDUS. It’s not just Team NDUS working on XOCIETY however, we’re partnered with #HASHED, one of the leading funds in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

XOCIETY is also partnered with UNOPND a startup studio powering innovation in the NFT, Metaverse, and blockchain world.

XOCIETY is an open world, where everything is possible. I’ll be waiting for you in XOCIETY with NDUS.

XOCIETY a High-Fidelity Metaverse

Web: xociety.io
Twitter: @xociety_ndus
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/xociety



Ryan "NDUS" Chown

Global Community Manager for @xocietyofficial Making moves on blockchain, in a new unreal engine powered venture, developed by NDUS Interactive