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What is XOCIETY?

An ever-growing world backed by experience, learn all about XOCIETY.

XOCIETY is a metaverse with shooter mechanics at its core. Old Ginger, Project Director for XOCIETY breaks down the details of what XOCIETY is.

Are you ready to experience a truly AAA web3 game, one developed by a core of experienced developers, one that integrates robust tokenomics and a fair creator economy? Then this introduction will give you everything you need to know.

Before fully introducing XOCIETY, let’s take a deeper look at the dev team, Team NDUS. A team with decades of experience, whose name reflects the mindset for this project -Players “And Us”. Team NDUS’s name represents the dedication to building and supporting players’ second universe together.

The Team

A group of seasoned developers & Web3 specialists. With the spirit to take on challenges shared with our main partners, #HASHED & UNOPND.
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XOCIETY and its world

A “Gaming Metaverse” based on science fantasy, with the combined gameplay mechanics of Third Person Shooters and MMORPGs.
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Shoot, Earn, Pioneer, build your Metaverse

How the world of XOCIETY will be built. The “Game Phase” & the final goal of this project: a fully decentralized gaming & creation community of high quality.
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Fairness for creators & Co-Working

A fair reward for those who build and contribute toward worlds they care about. A new concept of a decentralized development cycle, building a product with the community from the beginning, is an experiment Team NDUS is eager to work on.
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DAO & Governance

XOCIETY DAO or X-DAO is a framework to delegate authority to various gaming community entities to tackle multiple issues of dev and ops from a widened perspective and manage the ecosystem with joint effort.
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All your NFTs become reality

Team NDUS is designing a framework to integrate the wider NFT ecosystem into XOCIETY and create utility within XOCIETY.
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Web: xociety.io
Twitter: @xocietyofficial
Discord: https://discord.gg/xocietyofficial
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/xociety



XOCIETY is a high-fidelity Science fiction Metaverse. Where you can build and create. Powered by Unreal engine and interoperable across NFT projects. Developed by NDUS Interactive, accelerated by UNOPND. Shoot, Earn, Pioneer. Now We Live In XOCIETY.

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Ryan "NDUS" Chown

Global Community Manager for @xocietyofficial Making moves on blockchain, in a new unreal engine powered venture, developed by NDUS Interactive