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XOD 0.27.0: Tweaks and Simulation

Howdy! Today the XOD visual programming language brings something new and unique. ๐Ÿฅ They are tweak nodes and debugging modes.


Many of you love the watch nodes which can show values coming from a microcontroller board in real-time. XOD goes further. Starting from 0.27.0 watches obtain their antipodes called tweaks. Tweaks are similar to constants, but you may change their values in real-time when the debugger is active. So, basically, you can adjust a parameter and see how your device reacts right away!

All the watch and tweak nodes now live in a dedicated library xod/debug.


Tweaks are cool, watches too, but do we always need an Arduino to test a small patch? In many cases, we want to check an algorithm, a part of the program which does not interact with real hardware but instead relies on time, numbers, and logic. Now debugging becomes even more accessible. You may run a program without extra hardware at all! Your PC is enough. Place a few watches and tweaks onto your patch and hit Deploy โ†’ Simulate. Vois la, the program goes live even without Arduino, even if you are running the browser-based IDE.

You can read about the new nodes and session modes in the new guide article:

What else

A few more notable improvements shipped with 0.27.0. First, XOD IDE now offers a simple serial console which is useful to talk to UART hardware over USB directly. If you use Arduino IDE, you know what is it: the Serial Monitor. Here you can send a line to the module and see its response back on the screen.

Next, the standard library got a color type. The color operations are available in xod/color. The new type is not used anywhere yet, this will be done in future releases; however, it defines an important concept so that authors of libraries can speak the same language and rely on the unified type system.

Then, the xod/patch-nodes/jumper node โ€” which was previously used as an internal utility โ€” gets own outstanding look. It renders as a simple line segment now and still does nothing. You may use it to visually re-route links without affecting the logic.

As usual, the release includes many other small improvements and enhancements. Read the full list on GitHub.

Get the new version of XOD from the downloads page or try it directly in your browser. If you have XOD installed already, accept the upgrade offer when IDE starts.

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