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Jul 17 · 2 min read

All we’ve made since the last release was an error. Maybe, some functional programmers would say we did nothing… 🤣 OK, that’s my arguable humor🙄

Today we release the version 0.30.0 of the XOD visual programming language. It introduces a new concept: the errors. Errors are now a core part of the language having own rules and principles.

If you have experience in conventional programming, the new XOD mechanism is somewhat in the middle between Nothing’s/Optional’s/Maybe’s and exceptions seen in other programming languages.

In the XOD context, the errors free you up from all these ERR pulses which you probably never handled.

Now, errors can spread through the usual links and act like a virus which infects the program further and further causing its paralysis until a cure would be found (or not). What’s more interesting for a casual xoder, is that the errors are visualized in XOD IDE while debugging and simulation. No more guessing “why I see the static 0.00 on LCD?”

Errors are drawn with red in XOD IDE while debugging and simulation

To understand and use the new concept, our devs published a couple of new guide articles:

What else

You can now delete terminal nodes from a patch node even if some other patches have links to corresponding pins. XOD used to show an error and reject the operation in such cases, which was really annoying. Now you’ll get some broken patches which are easy to spot and fix.

An underlying platform was tweaked and upgraded a bit, so XOD IDE became snappier and a little lighter in size on the disk.

Some xoders had problems with running the debugger for ATmega32U4-based boards (Arduino Leonardo, Iskra Neo, Arduino Micro) on Windows OS. That’s fixed now.

A new convenience node xod/core/switch-case deserves mentioning too.

As usual, the release includes many other small improvements and enhancements. Read the full list on GitHub.

Get the new version of XOD from the downloads page or try it directly in your browser. If you have XOD installed already, accept the upgrade offer when IDE starts.


XOD visual programming language use cases and projects

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XOD visual programming language use cases and projects

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