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Save On Restaurant Delivery with Plater

Xoogler.co Founder’s Stories: Orr Bibring, Krzysztof Kulewski, and Paulina Wrzeszcz of Plater

Orr Bibring, Krzysztof Kulewski, and Paulina Wrzeszcz

One night, Orr was ordering his dinner on Uber Eats when he felt the price was higher than expected. Orr began comparing the prices of various food delivery services and saw that they all offer notably different prices for the same meal. With a little extra research, he saw that these price differences were found everywhere in the country and they were often as high as 30%. That’s when he realized so many people could save money if they had an easy way to find the best delivery price on every order.

Saving Money with Plater

Plater is a browser extension that finds users the delivery service that will give them the best price for their meal. It activates at checkout, finds the cheapest delivery service, copies the order over, and thus saves users money.

Initial Challenge

The founders found that different delivery services often use different menus for the same restaurant, which can cause issues in the algorithm for comparing prices. For instance, one service may list cheese as an add-on while another service requires you to make a side note. But after some tinkering, they figured out how to sort any order.

Evolving to Help Local Businesses

Plater developed smoothly throughout the pandemic, and the need for Plater rose as the pandemic accelerated the growth of online delivery services. Plater finds its 600 users a discount 42% of the time, in which the average discount is 15% off. In the future, Plater strides to become the one-stop-shop for ordering delivery meals.

“Our long term vision is to also be able to help local restaurants. Local restaurants have to pay a huge fee to use delivery services to accept orders. Our goal is to use our technology to reduce switching costs and actually host restaurants themselves as part of the platform. We want to become an app that has a unified menu for DoorDash, Uber Eats, and other services so users see a superset of what is available.” -Orr

“Everyone is excited about Plater being involved with local restaurants. It is important for users in small cities because it is more personal. And restaurants say they would love it.” — Krzysztof

Download Plater and save on food delivery here.

More about Krzysztof, Paulina, and Orr

Krzysztof interned at Google in the summer of 2008 and returned in 2013 as a software engineer tech lead on Google Photos. In 2020, Krysztof left and co-founded CourseFu with Paulina. Krzysztof has a Masters of Science in Computer Science from the University of Warsaw.

Paulina began her career as a software engineer at Azouk Network. Prior to co-founding CourseFu, Paulina held software developer roles at Sensi Soft and other companies. Paulina has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from the University of Warsaw.

Orr joined CrowdTwist, a customer relationship platform, as a developer in 2012. CrowdTwist was later acquired by Oracle. In 2015, Orr founded Hay Labs, which was a platform used by hundreds of NYC’s top restaurants to procure ingredients. Hay Labs is a YCombinator company. Orr has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Columbia University.

Xoogler.co Founder Story Series

Xoogler.co hosted the Xoogler.co Demo Day USA on December 10, 2020, which featured 16 startups who pitched to over 100 investors. The startups were handpicked for the event, and they all have at least one ex-Google employee on the founding team. Plater was one of 16 startups that presented. Watch Plater’s presentation here.

Following the demo day, we sat down with several of the founders to learn their stories. The Xoogler.co Founder Stories Series looks to highlight the journey of each founder, share their learning experiences along the way, and showcase the exciting ideas each founder pursued after leaving Google. Be sure to follow us for upcoming Founder Stories! Read our most recent story below:



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