Archana Ravichandran

Kicking (Gl)ass + Driving Customer Success

Archana Ravichandran

Current role: Founder & Host: Kicking Glass podcast series spotlighting senior female leaders’ career trajectories.

Senior Director Customer Success: Medallia in the Bay Area.

Location: San Francisco, CA.

What I did at Google: Headed up Strategic Operations, Customer Success & Partnerships for Media & Platform Solutions (now gTech), Analytics & Helpouts from August 2008 — May 2015 in Mountain View, CA.

What’s you personal goal? I’ve launched a podcast, Kicking Glass, where I interview incredible women about their paths to senior leadership. My goal is to de-mystify the path to getting to VP.

Professional goal? I’m still trying to work that one out!

I love what I’m doing on the podcast and also love what I do in tech, so am torn. Ideally I’m looking for a “portfolio career,” one that includes many different elements. It could include sitting on boards, volunteering, writing, podcasting… and leading teams at a technology company. It would encompass a range of things rather than just one.

What does being a “Xoogler” mean to you? Being a Xoogler means so many things…

While I was at Google, I had incredible leaders around me who would really push the boundaries of my thinking about just what is possible. I’ve never forgotten that.

I love the juxtaposition of thinking big — “10X”— but also having the mindset of launching & iterating.

At Google, it wasn’t about getting it perfect on the first try. Everything is just the first iteration; you’ll get better as you go along. I remember Google’s first Android device — things have come a long way since then!

I carry that mantra in the back of my mind now for every podcast episode, email I send out and even the website I made.

What was your best experience at Google? Most valuable lesson learned at Google? Launching Google Analytics Premium — the hardest role of my career to date. I not only learned the most but it had a profoundly formative impact on my career since then.

How has your experience to date prepared you for what you do now? I learned how to lead teams and be a better manager. That’s something that will always stay with me

What’s your vision for the Xoogler community? Xooglers are amazing and creating incredible things. I see this community as a better way for us to stay connected, support each other and our exploits.

Favorite food at Google?! The Juice Bar or sit down meals at Baadal.

How to get in touch with me? Find me at!

Thanks Archana!