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Data to Save the World

Business: Tomorrow
To quantify and publish data about how our daily choices impact the climate

Founders: Olivier Corradi, Bruno Lajoie
Founded: September 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark
HQ: Copenhagen, Paris
Stage: Bootstrap

Why did you found your startup? Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time, yet the overwhelming majority of our daily activities are still based on processes that release greenhouse gases.

Olivier Corradi, co-Founder, Tomorrow

We want to see a world where the price we pay for goods and services takes into account their long-term effect on the climate.

However living sustainably currently means navigating through a jumble of complex data that’s hard to find.

Information has to precede action.

For that reason, we’re building consumer products like a global electricity usage database that quantifies and helps you visualize the greenhouse gas emissions tied to your daily activities.

Our products enable anyone to understand how the choices they make every day directly impact the climate — or feed climate change.

Bruno Lajoie, co-Founder, Tomorrow

Data out there isn’t joined up or accessible.

As developers, scientists and beyond, we have the knowledge to change that.

The excitement I see around what we’re doing is by far the most rewarding thing for a founder.

What’s been your best startup experience to date? Building a community of people involved in the development of our product is a very motivating thing.

What’s been your worst startup experience? Pitching to big corporations that just don’t “get it.”

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Are you applying any business lessons from your time at Google to build your business? Listen to your users, iterate and release fast!

Beyond the products you’re building, how else could a climate-conscious world work? We need to create a consumer carbon tax.

It could very well replace VAT (Value-Added Tax) to prevent increasing the overall tax burden on society but we need to make low-carbon products cheaper.

Knowledge should be more readily available about how carbon-intensive each and every one of our daily activities is, enabling us to make better decisions. Consumers should be informed about and rewarded for positive action.

We want to empower everyone to make better choices.

What does being a Xoogler mean to you? It means being part of a network where people help each other to overcome both technical and non-technical challenges.

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How can the Xoogler community help? We’re actively working with the community to build our products and always looking for new volunteers.

If you’re a developer, get involved in our open source projects.

What’s the best way to get in touch? Send us an e-mail if you want to get involved or contribute to our growing Slack channel.

Thanks Olivier and Bruno!