Introducing Xoolo

Xoolo was created to solve the nationally unrecognized phenomenon of financial illiteracy. While we have become more adept to technological advances, the same progress has not been made towards financial understanding. In an age of consumerism, we spend more than we earn resulting in credit card debt, sub-optimal credit scores, and a spotty financial future.

5 trends leading towards a need for financial literacy

  1. Consumers are shouldering more of their financial decisions — Pension funds options are a rarity now
  2. Too many sophisticated options — causing analysis paralysis
  3. Lack of government aid — social security is not enough
  4. Longer lifespan — need more retirement savings than past generations
  5. Changing environment — very dynamic global marketplace

Xoolo is not offering a get rich scheme, but rather a series of small steps you can take towards your financial freedom.

The best way to enable financial freedom is to increase your financial literacy. Financial literacy does not mean reading the Financial Times, Bloomberg and CNN Money every morning before you go to work and through the day. Financial literacy is, however, understanding various financial areas.

Xoolo wants to help increase your financial literacy. With thousands of financial advisors available (at a cost) and millions of hours of free readable financial content, Xoolo wants to be your filter. We’ll break down the fancy complex financial terminology and refine what products, tools and services you should consider while educating yourself financially.

So what exactly will you be doing at Xoolo?

  1. Produce daily digestible information of what’s going on in the finance world.
  2. Host a series of 5min or fewer reads that will increase financial education and understanding.
  3. Provide Financial term of the day.

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