How to create Apple Developer Account ?

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The time has come. You are going to create and publish an iOS application to billions of App Store users. But how exactly do you accomplish that? What are the steps?


App Store has its own Development Console dedicated to app developers and owners. Here you can manage all the stuff related to your apps: how they are displayed and marketed in App Store, see stats, conversion rates, do A/B tests and much more.

You need to create a developer account to access it by going to this registration link. Activation may take up to 4 weeks, depending on how you want to enrol — as individual or as company, and cost $99/year.

Apple ID

Your developer account is going to be associated with your Apple account, so you need to have one. Even for company developer account, you need to sign-in with your personal or corporate Apple ID.

If you choose to register as an individual, be aware that you won’t be able to invite other developers to your account. Instead, you may consider creating a new Apple ID to share it with other members of your team without compromising your data.

There are no such limitations for company account, but you need to provide D-U-N-S Number and fulfil a few more requirements:

  • your organization must be a legal entity
  • you must have the authority to bind your organization to legal agreements
  • your organization must have a public website


Once you decided on the type of account, which best fits your needs, you can go to this page and click the “Start Your Enrollment” button at the bottom.

As discussed above, you need to sign-in with Apple ID, which must conform to Apple requirements: verified mobile phone and email address, supported country / region and enabled two-factor authentication.

If some of these aren’t fulfilled, you will see the following error message:


Once all preliminary steps are done, you need to fill your personal information. Nothing special, but just FYI see the following screenshot.

Right after, you have “Romanized Contact Information” section, which contains exactly the same data if you are from EU, USA or any other Latin-friendly country. Otherwise you need the transliteration of previous section.

After clicking “Continue” you will see the “Select your entity type” dropdown. Make sure you choose the wanted option here.

For “Company / Organization” option you need to provide the D-U-N-S number afterwards.


Once your enrollment information has been verified and you have agreed to the associated program license agreement, you can purchase your membership.

Pay for your yearly Apple Developer Account. Check the ‘Automatic Renewal’ box if you want your membership to be automatically renewed.

When Apple approves your account, you will receive a confirmation email. Follow the steps in the email to finish the setup. Voilà!

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