Why HTML 5 is Buzz Word ?

The term “HTML5” might sound familiar to but many people still don’t know what exactly stands behind this peculiar word. 
HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML programming language
HTML uses a standard code to create online content.

HTML is considered a standard language by website developers for many years now. HTML5 brings meaningful changes to this standard and opens new amazing possibilities previously only possible with either JavaScript or Flash.

It was declared as the successor of HTML4 already in 2007, but became a pop icon in April 2010, when Steve Jobs addressed Apple users in an open letter and announced that the future of the web is in HTML5. Jobs’ statement intensified the dispute between Apple and Adobe, and it also established HTML5 as the hottest new technology in town.

HTML5’s increasing popularity became clear as more and more platforms and browsers became compatible with the latest standard. A fast growing number of websites, videos, and applications today are created with HTML5.

The Benefits of HTML5

  • It makes the web faster: developers are able to use HTML5 to reduce file sizes and guarantee a cleaner user experience.
  • HTML5 has “Canvas”: a powerful tool for creating graphic content. With Canvas, it becomes easier to create animations, drawings and other complex visuals without using external apps.
  • More and more internet browsers are supporting HTML5.
  • HTML5 is its video capabilities. Developers can integrate video with HTML5 without having to use any plugins. As more and more browsers are becoming compatible HTML5, the percentage of HTML5 videos available online is rapidly increasing.
  • Same goes for sound. HTML5 comes with a powerful support tool for audio elements.
  • HTML5 is available on a multitude of platforms and performs great on PC’s, mobile phones and tablets.​

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