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Learning Fast and Slow

What a Zero-to-One Startup can Learn from Tesla’s Model 3 Production Hell

Reframing “Are We Moving Fast Enough?”

Tesla’s 2018 Model 3 Production Hell

Learning to Build the Machine

The Payoff to Learning is Moving Fast

Becoming a Learning Organization

Reframing Velocity in a Zero-to-One Company

Tips to Build a Learning Organization

  1. People want to learn and grow their skills. Trust in this natural tendency of teams and people to strive to improve their understanding of the world. Encourage this and build it into how your teams work.
  2. Celebrate learning. Clarifying ambiguity in product definition is as vital a step as the product delivery that follows. Learning is a prerequisite to delivery.
  3. Learning is about changing your worldview. This means shaking off assumptions and being open to be wrong. Encourage sharing stories. When did something you learn change your mind?
  4. When people get rushed delivering products, they often hold tighter to existing thinking and build to those assumptions. They become more resistant to learning because the “pain of weakness leaving the body” often means reworking the product. Build responsiveness to learning into the way your teams work.



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