Serrve & Millers Planet ~ Malfunction (+Interview)

The biggest collaboration between the famous XR producer; Millers Planet & with it comes a debut with Serrve. Millers Planet & Serrve tells the story of a critical error as the music expresses the song and tells the true meaning behind the song.


How did you guys found about Xpanse Records?

Serrve: “I found out about Xpanse from friend Ben Lepper. It is actually quite interesting as I first found Ben on a monstercat reddit and I decided to reach out to him. I don’t think I would of been here If I never did.”
Millers Planet: “Jared (CEO) was a fan of my youtube series, “Monstercat News” and found out I made music and emailed me back in November asking me to submit a demo sometime. I sent Hex, they accepted it immediately, and here I am.”
Serrve: “When I was working on one of my tracks (secret) I showed it to Ben, and he told me to submit it to Xpanse, so that’s how this got started.”

How did you feel when you got onto Xpanse Records?

Serrve: “I felt very welcome. It felt like I was a part of something. Unlike with other labels I have worked with I never felt this way like I do about Xpanse. I think it’s the sense of community that makes this label stand out among others and I think they have a lot of potential.”
Millers Planet: “I felt so stoked because I had never been apart of a label before and I was looking to collaborate with a group of people so we can grow together. This was a great decision and I don’t regret joining one bit.”

Why did you wanted to create music or be a music producer?

Serrve: “Electronic music has been my passion for these past few years. One day I just randomly wanted to start and produce music myself. I’ve always been very creative all my life and I left like it would be an another challenge for me to take on and now looking back I am very glad I did. The first few months were the hardest trying to make your random beats sounds like actual music. However after the ‘ugly’ stage I started to pick up on my DAW very quickly and it became easier to write and produce music I always wanted to make.”
Millers Planet: “I have a habit of finding ways to get my ideas, my feelings, and my thoughts across to other people. When I found out about EDM, I started thinking about doing it myself so I could get all my emotions and thoughts out there to listeners. I looked up tutorials, got the FL Studio demo, messed with it a bit until i started to learn enough to grab the full version. I started back in February 2016 and I’ve been practicing nonstop since.”

How did you guys started wanting to do a collab with each other on Xpanse Records?

Serrve: “Miller did a great job on his recent EP called Hex. After hearing it I thought our music styles put together could make something incredible. So I have reached out to miller and we started working straight away. I couldn’t be any happier with the final result and I’m stoked for the release day of our new track.”

How did you found about the record label “Monstercat”?

Millers Planet: “I was a gaming nerd back then when I was around the age of 12. At the time, it was early 2013, and I was really into watching gaming YouTubers. And in these videos, they commonly used music from the label, Monstercat. I was curious and looked into it. I got hooked on the music they distributed and have been supporting them ever since…. plus the community feels like more than a family which I really dig.”
Serrve: “We have to go all the way back to 2013 when I was making amateur YouTube videos. I was introduced to Monstercat through finding their iconic releases like ‘Flight’ & ‘Top of the World’. As I was using Monstercat’s music for my videos I started gaining interest in their music. However I lost my interests few weeks after and didn’t come back until the end of December of 2015. Since then I listen to every single of their releases and use their music as inspiration and motivation for my own. This links back to why I love Xpanse so much, is because they give me a sense of community like Monstercat does.”

Where do you see yourself in the near future?

Millers Planet: “I’m looking to being a video director/producer and/or being a music producer for media such as movies, TV shows, commercials ect.,”
Serrve: “I honestly have no idea where life will take me. I dream big and I belive anyone can achieve anything they want in life. I study film and media at college so I would be interested in doing something in this industry, however my ultimate dream would be to be a music producer full time.”

What is the purpose of _MALFUNCTION?

Serrve: “It is a learning experiance for the both of us. We wanted to experiement with sound design and for me it was a brand new direction in music as I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Did you face any difficulties along the way of making this song?

Millers Planet: “The revisions we had to make after having Protostar and Flite and other people review the track in its beginning stages. We eventually fixed all our mistakes up and all has been well.”

What is the story behind _MALFUNCTION?

Serrve: “It is set in the future. There is a critical error in the system of some kind and it turnes against the creator. The basses sounds almost like some kind of alien language, and the name _malfunction represents this quite well.”

How would you describe the mood of this song?

Millers Planet: “2spooky5me.”
Serrve: “Mysterious. Very sci-fi.”

Not that we know of currently but maybe there will be a VIP in the future but I’m not promising anything.

Would there be any remixes planned in the future set for release on Xpanse Records?

Serrve: “Not that we know of currently but maybe there will be a VIP in the future but I’m not promising anything.”

Anything you want to say about this song to the audience?

Millers Planet: “Get ready for more.”
Serrve: “I’m not expecting everyone to enjoy this but Millers Planet and I had a lot of fun on this project and there will definitely be more to come in the distant future.”

Any releases planned in a FEW MONTHS?

Serrve: “I always make new music and put it out for everyone to listen to, so yes!”

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