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Xpay and GoCrypto, the partnership to enhance cryptocurrency payments in LatAm

Now we have a new partner to bring innovations for crypto asset businesses and users all over the world, setting a milestone for both projects and opening to new possibilities.

GoCrypto, the renowned cryptocurrency payment gateway based in Slovenia developed by Eligma that is headed by Dejan Roljic; and Xpay, will work together to keep on generating real use cases for new digital assets in several points. Due to this, businesses in Latin America with our gateway will be able to accept payments from Elly wallet. With this, GoCrypto ecosystem will expand in Latin America in countries such as Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina with our collaboration.

Together, we will be able to continue promoting everyday use of crypto assets in several locations, focusing on the easier use of new digital assets and the way merchants can accept payments. The growing interest in these novel assets generates demand for their adoption in businesses, and because of that, payment gateways that enable merchants to accept them in a familiar and simple way are becoming more and more popular among businesses.

This is just a small sign of all the novelties this partnership will bring, eventually more surprises are expected from both platforms, and it is worth to keep an eye on them.

A little about GoCrypto

Our new partner is a payment gateway developed by Eligma team, a Slovenian company that is focused on the transformation the payments and finance by bringing together the cryptocurrency world and fiat money. GoCrypto is part of this approach in order to develop an efficient payment network, where crypto assets play a vital role.

With a strong presence in European countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Hungary, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and Portugal, GoCrypto is changing the way cryptocurrencies can be used and accepted in more than 1.000 locations, and they expect to increase the number of businesses and countries with their service.

Xpay keeps growing

On the other side, with more than 200 locations in Colombia and Venezuela, and an increasing number of businesses adding up in Argentina, in this part of the world our project is not far behind to include cryptocurrencies in everyday operations, where their remarkable characteristics are appreciated by enthusiasts of these new digital assets. Xpay keeps growing in terms of features, each one oriented to provide more options and a better user experience.

Our vision shared with other projects has allowed us to be part of different alliances since our creation, which has brought evolution and growth for us. Similar approaches about the advantages of cryptocurrency adoption have helped us to find projects willing to make a contribution in Xpay, in the same way, we have been able to offer novelties based on our characteristics in projects we have taken part. It is worth to keep an eye on the upcoming surprises, taking into account the way payment processors could lead the world to use crypto assets in everyday life.

We invite you to follow us in our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our Telegram channel to keep an eye on new announcements

Accepting crypto assets was never easier!




Xpay es un portal de pagos con criptomonedas que te brinda la oportunidad de recibir y realizar pagos con criptoactivos por productos y servicios, también puedes pagar facturas en línea, comprar tarjetas de regalo, recargar celulares, comprar criptoactivos, y mucho más.

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