oXDT Token Migration

Dear Members of XPeare Community,

We would like to announce that oXDT on Klaytn connected with the XDT built on Ethereum will be issued. In this regard, we would like to inform you of our plan to swap event tokens (kXDT) stored in the current XPeare Wallet with the newly issued oXDT. The swap will take place as below.

* Please note that oXDT on Klaytn which will be issued is different from kXDT which is an event token.

Tokens subject to the swap

  • kXDT stored in XPeare Wallet

Token swap plan

  • Smart contracts related to the event token (kXDT) will be suspended from noon (KST), April 28, 2022.
  • Transfer and use of kXDT will not be available after the suspension
  • A snapshot of the amount of kXDT stored in XPeare wallet will be taken.
  • The same number of oXDT as in the snapshot will be provided.
  • Search, transfer and use of oXDT in XPeare Wallet will be enabled after the swap

Usage of oXDT

  • Can join an NFT auction that will be held on the upcoming XPeare launchpad
  • Can be used in KLAYswap and Orbit Bridge in the future


  • kXDT stored in wallets other than XPeare Wallet (ex. Kaikas, etc.) are not eligible for the swap. For token swap, those should be moved to the XPeare Wallet before its transfer function freeze.
  • Even though there are currently issued kXDT stored in XPeare Wallet or other wallets (ex. Kaikas, etc.) after the token swap, the token cannot be either transferred or used after 12 P.M., April 28, 2022.
  • Checking kXDT balance in XPeare Wallet is not possible after the token swap.
  • Please note that kXDT burned after the token swap cannot be either exchanged or paid with oXDT.

When the token swap is completed, we will inform you again through the notice in our blog and app. Thank you.



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