Token migration complete & XPeare Wallet update

Hello XPeare community,

We would like to announce that the token migration from kXDT into oXDT has been completed, and XPeare Wallet has also been updated.

Below are the details of the update.

  • The oXDT search function added
  • Klay display and transfer function added

XPeare Wallet will add new features that can leverage oXDT including the launchpad, swap, etc. Please stay tuned.

Details of the issuance of oXDT

  • The total amount airdropped to the community: 93,400 oXDT
  • The amount of tokens migrated (kXDT -> oXDT): 62,637 oXDT
  • The amount of burned tokens: 30,763 oXDT

Please send us an email at for any inquiries about token migration.



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