XPeare Community Update — February 2021

Dear XPeare Community,

February was a busy month for the XPeare team. XDT TxDrop event has successfully concluded which started in January acquiring early adopters of XPeare platform. We also had major partnerships with leading projects to improve security and expand the XPeare ecosystem further.

In this update, we will share with the community about the development status of the XPeare platform and all the activities.

Tech & Project Updates

XDT Wallet

We are developing a wallet that allows any user to store and transfer XDT, the native token of the XPeare ecosystem. Later, through XPeare Wallet, you can use not only XDT but also FT of platforms that work with the XPeare ecosystem.

These are the features that are in development:

  • XDT <-> FT AMM Exchange
  • NFT based Content IP asset protocol

Popularity Prediction AI Engine

XPeare’s proprietary popularity prediction engine analyses the context of content before it is published to the market. The content is rated in popularity levels using deep learning and the result of the analysis can be used to pre-emptively evaluate the size of market success, also find which platform and demographic to target using the “Content Market Fit ‘’ data created by the AI engine.

Based on the analytics data, XPeare aims to tokenize content IP into NFT and cultivate a sustainable investment and licensing market. Currently, PoC is in progress through Joara’s content IP, and collaboration with various platforms is planned in the future.

Vectorizing content with Content Embedding, Story Flow, Topic Flow features into a single point

Partnership Updates

XPeare Technical Integration: Chainlink

Industry-leading oracle solution Chainlink is going to be integrated on XPeare Platform for payment and AMM(Automated Market-Maker) solutions. Through this technical integration, users are protected from unwanted price oracle problems with the fair price oracle.

XPeare aims to use Chainlink in several unique ways to create value for its digital content ecosystem, including:

  • AMM ExchangeChainlink Price Feeds will be used to showcase to users the fair market exchange rate between XDT and FT, particularly to show the discount users can obtain on the platform when using FT.
  • Integrated content platforms — Content consumers and creators can use their XDT and FT for payments, with Chainlink Price Feeds used to establish fair market exchange rates.
  • Content IP Token Protocol — Off-chain valuations, stats, and performance metrics can be brought on-chain through Chainlink oracles to provide potential investors with benchmarks for calculating the projected ROI from digital content IP, NFTs, and token crowdfunding projects. Chainlink data oracles can also be used to determine the proper royalty rewards on IP content in the future.
  • XPeare’s Content Market Fit Data — XPeare’s content data on IP valuations and market fit analysis can be sold to other smart contract platforms through Chainlink, enabling other applications to leverage highly-refined proprietary content IP data.

More details about the technical integration can be found below👇

Community Outreach

XPeare TxDrop Campaign Round 2,3,4: A total of 150,000 XDT

All of the TxDrop rounds were successfully completed. We deeply thank all of the community members who participated and gave support for XPeare.

XDT token reward for TxDrop will be distributed after the TGE. The details of the TxDrop event can be found here.


In the coming month of March, we have development news and updates on business development in a plan so please stay tuned!




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