XPeare kXDT Bridge Campaign for Mainnet Token Migration

Ahead of the official launch of XPeare platform, we are hosting an XPeare kXDT bridge campaign to provide Klaytn-based mainnet tokens to TxDrop campaign participants

The campaign runs from September 13th to 26th, 2021. Once the campaign ends, EXDT can no longer be migrated to Klaytn-based mainnet tokens, and EXDT is no longer valid. All XPeare community members are highly encouraged to participate within the designated time period.

How to participate

You may follow the two simple steps below:

Step 1: Transfer your EXDT to the wallet address below through Luniverse Drops

Step 2: Fill out the kXDT bridge campaign participation form.

  • Campaign Participation Form: https://bit.ly/XPeare_BridgeCampaign
  • Required info: your Drops wallet address / Drops registration email / XPeare Wallet kXDT address / XPeare Wallet registration email


  • Tokens will be lost if EXDT and other assets received in Luniverse Drops are transferred to an XPeare wallet.
  • We are not responsible for any tokens lost due withdrawal to the wrong wallet address. Please make sure you have the correct address.
  • If the information provided is invalid, you may be excluded from the token migration kXDT bridge campaign.

What is XPeare?

XPeare is an AI & blockchain based Story Content IP Acceleration Platform. For more information, check out the blog here or the introduction below:



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