XPeare’s Partner, Joara & Braincolla

Here at XPeare, we are building the new digital content ecosystem.

In the previous article about XPeare, we have introduced the rising value of content IP and structural limitation that is caused by the rapid growth of the digital content industry. In this posting, we will cover the core roles of our strategic partner ‘Joara’ and technical partner ‘Braincolla’ in the ecosystem to build the early stage of the XPeare’s “Story Content IP Acceleration Platform”.

XPeare’s Core Content Partner, Joara

Joara is a leader in the web novel industry started in early 2000 as the first storytelling platform in Korea. Joara.com web novel platform provides a ‘cultural space’ for anyone to share and enjoy their special story.

Joara has attracted more than 170,000 creators to publish over 500,000 web novels in the last 20 years leading a new cultural trend. Also, Joara’s introduction of ‘Pay-Per-View’ business model has changed the way consumers value the content they consume, contributing to the digital content market growth. Today, about 300,000 content consumers are active daily and 7,000 new story contents are uploaded every month, continuing to be the most active storytelling platform in Korea.

Web novels like ‘MEMORIZE’ and ‘I am Noble’ that first debuted on Joara has experienced huge success, also being created into other forms of entertainment, proving the value of digital content IP. Additionally, to expand globally, Joara has partnered with Okbee and Jamsai as a content provider and preparing the launch of US and Indian Joara platforms using XPeare story content IP acceleration platform.

XPeare’s Technical Partner to Provide Innovative Content Service, Braincolla

To effectively process big data from platform and content, Braincolla is participating as a technical partner of XPeare. Braincolla is a Google Cloud Platform Techincal Partner, developing data management and AI analytics solution specialized for entertainment content. Currently iinnk, Yes24 rewards point integrated book curation application and myfan.ai, reader feedback monitoring application for Joara authors are in service on Playstore and Appstore.

With the hands-on operation experience from content services, Braincolla is developing the core engine using artificial intelligence to build ‘Content BI Solution’ and blockchain-based ‘Content IP Management Solution’ to provide the technical foundation for XPeare Platform.

Big data created form content platforms are collected through XPeare’s real-time data pipeline which enables comprehensive data management for anonymized user/content data analysis and processing. AI engine analyses data into high-quality trustworthy business data that content businesses would use to develop business strategy.

The “Content Market Fit” analysis data is processed into the simplest form for direct applications. In short, anyone using the XPeare platform’s data can trust the data to be complete and high quality.

As a result, through accurate Content Market Fit analysis, content consumers can easily discover great content, creators can enjoy better exposure to more people for their content. Once this reinforcing cycle becomes active, we could expect a sustainable environment for content IP investment that allows the digital content market to be more matured.

The rising value of digital content is endless. XPeare is partnering with excellent content companies to innovate the content industry even further. Tune in for more future XPeare articles and updates.




AI & blockchain enabled digital content acceleration platform for content business applications

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