XPeare’s Technology: AI Engine of XP-Core

XPeare is building a new digital content ecosystem with content optimized AI engine. In this article, we are introducing XPeare’s core technology, “XP-Core” AI engine, and explain how it solves the industry’s problems and innovative entertainment experience to ecosystem participants.

Exponential Content Growth, The Need for AI Solution in the Content IP Market

The digital content market is growing at an exponential rate thanks to content platforms and creator’s efforts to create quality content. On top of that, major tech companies such as Naver and Kakao are actively investing in the digital content market, leading the rapid market growth.

On the flip side of the market growth, users are having a hard time discovering new fascinating content due to mass-produced low-quality content. This problem became a significant challenge for content platforms in upgrading user experience.

To solve this challenge, content platforms are looking to integrate the AI analysis solution to better cater to the user demand. Some bigger platforms are spending significant resources to establish a data science team to start building an AI engine from scratch.

However, building a full team of AI analytics professionals is a huge gamble for content platforms because data analytics is not their domain of expertise. The general AI analytic solutions that are available in the market do not take content data itself, leaving out a large part of industry insights from their analysis, mostly only used for performance marketing. Due to this, the demand for an adaptive content AI modeling solution that conveys real insight and trend is steeply increasing.

Shared AI & Blockchain Infrastructure For Content Industry, XP-Core

XPeare is developing “XP-Core” technology to provide flexible trend adaptive AI modeling to restructure the existing general AI analytics solution. XP-Core consists of the following.

  • EXDP(Entertainment eXperience Data Platform) — Managing user & content date on XPeare Platform
  • EXAI(Entertainment eXperience Artificial Intelligence) — Extracting insight data using AI analysis from CDM data on XPeare Platform
  • EXTP(Entertainment eXperience Token Protocol) — Blockchain data and token Management

XP-Core is built to deliver complex solution requirements using these 3 components symbiotically. These components work together to create and foundation for trustworthy data collection and distribution in the ecosystem and the processes are as follows.

1# Data Collection and Preprocessing using EXDP

All data collected in the XPeare Ecosystem is preprocessed into CDM (Common Data Model). EXDP’s proprietary CDM schema for content was categorized into 36 entities and each entity contains an expandable property to provide scalable data management.

The proprietary CDM schema was co-developed with Joara, integrating hands-on research and operational insights to revitalize valuable data that were not used previously. The data collected through the CDM is ready for AI engine to perform analysis and is securely stored in cloud infrastructure.

2# Data Analysis and Application using EXAI

EXAI’s Preference Elicitation and Popularity Prediction Engine

The structured data secured through CDM can be put into machine learning using EXAI engine. The end result will be extracted into “Preference Elicitation” and “Popularity Prediction” data with platform BI (Business Intelligence). Through the analysis, content platforms can deeply understand user preferences and behavior. Creators can obtain an objective analysis of their content IP, enabling data-driven decision making. Additionally, these BI data will be utilized by XP-Solution to be further crafted into curation, search, target advertisement, and content market fit analysis services.

The development of AI application solutions is lead by Braincolla, a Google technology partner. The platform’s innovative solutions are designed to be optimized for Google Cloud Platform to provide efficient, high-performance, and secure cloud environment in serving solution global demand.

In the next article, we will cover the structure of EXTP in XP-Core and how it can provide content IP investment market on the blockchain.



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