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Dec 3, 2020 · 4 min read


Welcome back to the XperinZ page! Today is going to be a miniature case study that reveals a certain reality check to those opportunists who might have been just an inch away to success, yet have been left astray just because their “very successful idea” wasn’t backed up with the necessary means of satisfactory factors, one such being the

“Visual Satisfaction”

Let’s take the example of a small-time businessman. Let’s call him Mr. A.

They have an idea of bringing in a new range of products that are sheer good quality and design at the lowest price possible. But here’s the obvious catch — The brand starts off anew and its reach to the industrial cliff is surely hindered by the likes of other market-leading companies. In order to compete the high stakes of these competitors, Mr. A has to bring out the best in his product’s advertisement, regressive approach in the market, and the perfect content to catch the eye of the customers in an instant.

Now basically, Mr. A’s knowledge to the basic norms and methods of sales and advertisement expertise is obvious and the Xpertise that we provide at XperinZ is oblivious. On comparison to what’s the case of his product in future with the usage of basic norms of sales vs the XperinZ way of sales is as follows:

png tree

· In the basic norms of marketing and sales, Mr. A tries to present the product in the market by just letting out normal pamphlets and small advertisements, which is statistically known to reach around 60% of the viewing customers out there. However, this is the same arena where you have to battle the renowned products from the top-tier companies, where only your products’ visual description is the standout.

png tree

· Going beyond this aspect, Mr. A finds the budget that he applies onto the advertisement of this product another big ladder to climb. Even the advertisement industry funds out the needs of the customer with only the view that they can logistically provide. Moreover, it’s the count that the media tends to supply the ad onto the television/social media according to the paygrade.

png tree

· But when Mr. A finds his way into the Xpertise of XperinZ solutions, his thoughts over the basic norms of sales and marketing would change. Usage of 3D Model for his product, supplying the model across the online websites/social media, and later circulating the model scheme or the QR code of the model across the retail stores to let the people visually condone themselves to purchase this very product.

With bringing an innovative approach that is both world-class in delivering output yet pocket-friendly, Mr. A definitely would find this venture reaching the pinnacle of success, just like the 57% of marketing firms who managed to pull a larger margin using the means of Augmented Reality in their products’ sales campaign.

Mr. A was explained with these two options side-by-side, and he was definitely pleased with the latter. This is not our verdict, but from the thousands of “Mr. A” s that found our technological breakthrough of an idea to fuel their product’s sales in the market enormously!

Now we let you step into the boots of Mr. A. What would be your decision as a business man? Would you choose the basic norms of sales and marketing, waiting to reach the pinnacle at a slow pace? Or take the Xpertise that we provide you right here @ XperinZ solutions? The choice is yours!

“XperinZ life to the fullest!”