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We have seen a lot about 3D Models on this page, and you have clearly witnessed how we transformed the perspective of many customers towards the realm of Augmented Reality. However, we thought of bringing in another blog just for you to understand the different sets and scenarios where you will be able to reciprocate the usage of our elite 3D Models in your daily life using our XperinZ solutions! Let’s take a trip of surreal ideas, shall we?


1. How often have we seen the usage of the phrase, “Think before you buy?”, or used it ourself?! Exactly why this phrase stands out to be our major case study of using the 3D Models in the get go as either an ordinary customer, or as a developing businessman.

· Whenever you as a customer, are interested towards any product, you must be willing to get a “honest” 3rd opinion from any of your friends and family. In order for them to give that opinion without being able to see or feel the product right next to them, the result might be getting a bit cynical.

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What if you could send them a virtual model of that very product right at the spot? That’s what we make you achieve by either using our XperinZ solutions or directly reckoning to our very own “3D Scanner Pro” app that you can download from the Google Play Store/ iOS App Store. This allows you to make a 3D Model of standard quality* using your very own smartphone’s camera and be able to share it via any shareable social application.

· As a businessman, you can be sending out the virtual 3D Models of your very own products to your customers right on spot. Simply availing to our high-in-standard services, you will be able to get world class 3D Model of your product in two means — a QR code that leads to displaying a augmented model right into the smart device, or a URL that can be connected to reach out to the displaying model, or can even be shared! This can be released in both your retail stores’ lanes for look-out scanning and also on your website/trusted third party online retail websites for display.

GIF via vectary.com

2. You could be one of the aspiring students in your final year in college, ready to submit your final year project, or maybe even getting to participate in a national-level competition! We’re sure you would want your project to standout on top of other projects to be in the lead, but have you got the necessary “boost” to the finish line? Are you wondering what could help you display your project even better among your competitors out there? Why doubt to employ one of the finest innovations of the 21st century to aid your project’s dream fulfilment!

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It is known statistically that around 57% of the hardware projects submitted across the world between 2017–2019 has been governed on the scoresheet just by the presentation of a 3D Model. If that’s the case with almost half the number of projects innovated, how could you as a student afford to miss a silverline for your project?

3. One major usage of 3D Model that hasn’t been amongst the clutches of limelight is towards the usage of such models in the building structures that has to be either repaired or renovated. In such cases, you as an engineer would like have an eagle view upon such enclosed structures in order to comply your clients and make the necessary changes to its structure. This will also act as a supporting backbone to the plans you have with the architecture of the building/structure. Usage of 3D Models over standard blueprints have significantly increased in the recent few years, making it up to 23% of new AR Model submissions.

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4. Most of us in this technologically outpacing niche would love a little tinge of power-packed gaming in their life, don’t we?! Depending on getting realistic and complacent gaming experience, many hardcore gamers and most of the intermediate gamers hunt for the perfect, virtually-valiant next-gen gaming solution in their mancaves/womancaves regardless. We all witnessed saw a massive movement at the blocks of our streets when “Pokémon Go” gave its ground-breaking verdict on AR’s upcoming legacy.

Leading up to 77% poll decision leading to the upbringing of Augmented Reality in next-gen gaming industries according to the recent IGN gaming polls its quite evident that the world out there is in thirst of new, surreal gaming experience, and as a game developer/designer, we are all in for this gaming fiesta!

Images via Google (Ken Research)

Our 3D models bring the life out of your characters, thus delivering the best gaming experience your stakeholders and end-users demand at the end of the day! Not only that, but we as a AR entity will guide your gaming flowchart through the valleys of sequential marvel you’d never fathom to have imagined.

Looking to make your very own 3D Model using our Xpertise? Reach out to us using our website — xperi.nz or using one of our social handles — Facebook, Instagram, and more.

“XperinZ life to the fullest!”




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