[Game] P2O Guide for IDLE NINJA ONLINE

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[Game] P2O Guide for IDLE NINJA ONLINE

Pilots! It’s the ‘Explore & Play,’ XPLA!

Idle Ninja Online(INO), a Web3 game with an impressive record of over one million downloads and an active user base exceeding 210K, was onboarded on XPLA in September.

Even though $NINKY is an ERC-20 token, Pilots can freely use $NINKY on the XPLA chain, as it is a fully EVM-compatible mainnet. Furthermore, as the omni-chain potential is unlocked on XPLA, the process of transferring assets between chains has been simplified. This is truly a remarkable achievement for XPLA and Idle Ninja Online!

In this article, we have prepared a detailed guide to make it incredibly easy for you to enjoy Idle Ninja Online on the new XPLA-exclusive “Starlight” server. Take your time, follow along until the end, and immerse yourselves in the world of P2O blockchain gaming on XPLA!

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📃Table of Contents

  1. Game Overview
  2. Tokenomics
  3. P2O(Play-to-Own) Guide
  4. QnA
  5. Notes

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[1] Game Overview

Idle Ninja Online

As a key player in Korea’s Web3 gaming sector, Idle Ninja Online(INO) offers a unique gaming experience that combines idle and action gameplay elements. INO introduces native tokens, $NINKY, and unique NFTs called INARI, expanding its in-game universe into the broader Web3 world.

INO aligns with XPLA’s P2O values, empowering players with digital asset ownership. Players can use NINKY tokens to purchase in-game items or withdraw the tokens into the broader blockchain ecosystem.

INO provides a dual experience, offering both Web2 and Web3 interfaces, allowing players to customize their ninja training according to their playstyle. With a blend of leisurely idle and intense gameplay, INO caters to a wide range of gaming preferences.

[2] Tokenomics

⭐Tokenomics Flow Chart

  1. Play on the Starlight server and acquire $NINKY based on your rank in the Weekly Ranking leaderboard.
  2. Buy exclusive items at the NINKY SHOP using $NINKY.
  3. Withdraw your $NINKY to the MetaMask wallet with the XPLA Mainnet Network added.
  4. Connect your MetaMask wallet to MonsterSwap.
  5. Swap between $NINKY and $XPLA.

⭐How to Acquire $NINKY

▲ 1. Obtained as Weekly Ranking Rewards.
- Users at a certain level can acquire $NINKY.
- Weekly Ranking is based on weekly EXP. Players who invest more time will acquire more $NINKY.
- Please be aware that ranking policies may change, so make sure to check the Idle Ninja Online community for updates.

▲ 2. Obtained as Tier Promotions.
- Users at a certain Tier can acquire $NINKY when they pass the promotion missions.
- The Tier for each user is determined through the promotion missions. If your Battle Power is high enough, you can pass difficult promotion missions.
- There are 7 Tiers in INO, which are Newbie / Novice / Rookie / Junior / Senior / Expert / Kage.

[3] P2O(Play-to-Own) Guide

⭐Where can I use $NINKY

▲ 1. $NINKY can be used in the NINKY Shop.
- The types of products and their prices available at NINKY Shop may vary depending on the internal and external circumstances of INO, so please check for updates through the Ninja Growth Online community.

▲ 2. $NINKY can be used in the Costume Gacha.
- Each costume comes with different stats. Explore various costumes to customize your character uniquely!

⭐How to Convert $NINKY <> $XPLA

1️⃣ Add XPLA Network to MetaMask and Copy Your Wallet Address

  1. On your Metamask, click on the Network button at the top
  2. Tab on [Add Network]
  3. Add the XPLA network!
    ▪ Network Name: XPLA Mainnet
    ▪ RPC Url: https://dimension-evm-rpc.xpla.dev/
    ▪ Chain ID: 37
    ▪ Symbol: XPLA
  4. Copy the address starting with 0x from the XPLA network.

2️⃣ Connect Your MetaMask Wallet to Idle Ninja Online

  1. Go to Idle Ninja Online settings and click on the Withdraw button.
  2. In the alert message, verify your MetaMask address, and then click “OK” to confirm that your wallet is connected.

3️⃣ Withdraw $NINKY to Your MetaMask Wallet from Idle Ninja Online

  1. Once your wallet is connected, proceed by clicking the “Withdraw” button.
  2. Confirm the alert message and click “OK” to complete!

* Withdrawals are possible after 48 hours of joining the game.
* Withdrawal consumes a fee of 1000 $NINKY, and it cannot be canceled.
* You can request a re-withdrawal after 72 hours as indicated in the alert message.

💡TIP: If the NINKY token does not show up in your Metamask, Please add the contract address for the NINKY token.

  1. Click on the ‘Import token’ button in MetaMask.
  2. In the ‘CUSTOM TOKEN’ pop-up, enter the NINKY token contract address.
    ▪ Token contract address: 0x26D086423f64d339481f379F8988004B4fcaB093
  3. Check if the token has been successfully added to your wallet’s token list.

4️⃣ Swap $NINKY to $XPLA on MonsterSwap

  1. Go to MonsterSwap.
  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet with MonsterSwap.
  3. Go to the Swap tab, enter the amount of $NINKY you want to swap for $XPLA, and click the Swap button.
  4. Confirm the swap rate and swap fee, then click the Confirm swap button.

Congratulations🎉 You’ve now successfully completed the $NINKY to $XPLA swap!

⭐Where to Utilize $XPLA tokens?

XPLA stands as a gaming-focused mainnet, featuring its own XPLA GAMING UNIVERSE powered by its innovative Play to Own tokenomics system.

With over 10 games seamlessly integrated into its ecosystem, their in-game assets are organically connected. Players enjoy the convenience of exchanging their earned assets from one XPLA game for those in another, effortlessly navigating diverse gaming ecosystems.

We are prepared to onboard more games, with a vision to seamlessly connect and integrate even more games through XPLA, empowering gamers based on the idea of ‘Explore & Play.’

XPLA GAMING UNIVERSE is ready for explosive expansion ahead with a selection of new games and game-specific functions down the lane.

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⭐The Inside Scoop for Gamers

  1. Don’t forget to place within the top 2,000 in the “Weekly Ranking”. Weekly Ranking rewards will be distributed every Monday at 09:00 KST.
  2. If you successfully pass the Promote Mission, you will acquire a certain amount of $NINKY rewards.
  3. To take on the first Promote Mission, you need to upgrade five Normal Shurikens to a maximum of 10!
  4. The higher the rank of the Promote Mission, the greater the rewards!

[4] QnA

Q: Is the NINKY token a cryptocurrency?
A: Yes, the NINKY token is listed on exchanges and can be converted to $XPLA through MonsterSwap (DEX).

Q: I have some questions/inquiries about Idle Ninja Online.
A: Idle Ninja Online has its own community. Please inquire on Discord or the forums.
▶ Discord: https://discord.gg/csaXeYtskV
▶ Telegram: https://t.me/idleninjaonline

Q: What is MonsterSwap?
A: MonsterSwap is an EVM DEX that enables the swapping of various crypto assets at the most optimal rates possible. MonsterSwap offers the swap of cross-chain assets, while also allowing participants to contribute liquidity pairs to pools. (e.g. XPLA Pairs: XPLA/NINKY, XPLA/mUSDC)
▶ MonsterSwap Page: https://www.monsterswap.org/
▶ MonsterSwap Guide: https://link.medium.com/Sl9EVe3TzEb

Q: It’s difficult to add XPLA network to MetaMask.
A: There is a way to automatically add it through the XPLA bridge website.
▶ XPLA Bridge Page: https://bridge.xpla.io/
▶ Using Bridge Guide: https://link.medium.com/HEsinRBTzEb

Q: I’m trying to transfer $XPLA from Metamask to XPLA Vault, but it keeps failing.
A: Double-check that the EVM-style address of XPLA Vault has been entered correctly. Also, before completing the transfer, in the Edit priority section, make sure to set the Max priority fee and Max fee to 5100 GWEI!
▶ XPLA Vault ⇋ Metamask Guide: https://link.medium.com/HEsinRBTzEb

[5] Notes

※ To ensure a seamless P2O gaming experience, please make sure to keep your game and XPLA GAMES Wallet applications up to date with the latest versions.

※ Please be aware that the information provided in this P2O guide may be subject to change to maintain the in-game ecosystem or a sustainable token economy.

※ This article is based on Idle Ninja Online official docs, and any future updates will be communicated through the official Idle Ninja Online community. Therefore, it’s important to stay informed within the Idle Ninja Online community for the latest developments.

※ Please be aware that crafting and trading NFT characters or Game Tokens may be restricted by regional laws. Currently, restricted countries include China (PRC), Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

※ This information neither constitutes nor is intended to be, an offer or solicitation to buy, sell, subscribe to, underwrite, or purchase any form of investment, securities, or other financial instruments. It shall not serve as the foundation for, nor be relied upon in any manner in association with, any contractual arrangement, investment decision, or any other form of advice or prospectus relating to XPLA. Individuals who access this information or engage in XPLA transactions must conduct their own due diligence and ensure compliance with all local laws regarding cryptocurrency, tax, securities, and other regulations in their own jurisdiction. All local laws must be complied with, and access is prohibited in restricted areas, including, but not limited to the United States and People’s Republic of China.

You’re now all set to enjoy Idle Ninja Online P2O features! Why not download it now, immerse yourself in growing ninjas, and experience a unique game style of idle and action gameplay?


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