[Game] P2O Guide for The Walking Dead: All Stars

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[Game] P2O Guide for The Walking Dead: All Stars

Pilots! It’s the ‘Explore & Play,’ XPLA!

Here’s a P2O (Play To Own) guide for The Walking Dead: All Stars that will make your P2O journey smoother. You all might have read the tokenomics article we released earlier. If you haven’t seen it yet, please read the article below to begin! :)
Tokenomics Article Link

Today, in this article, we will explore more in detail about tokenomics, including where you can obtain the in-game currency known as “Unknown Coin,” which can be converted with XPLA, and how you can use it within the game. Let’s dive in together!

Continue reading for exclusive and insightful tips toward the end of this article! So, keep your eyes wide open and follow along!

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📃Table of Contents

  1. Game Overview
  2. Tokenomics
  3. P2O(Play-to-Own) Guide
  4. QnA
  5. Notes

[1] Game Overview

The Walking Dead: All Stars

Explore the dark world of ‘The Walking Dead: All Stars,’ an officially licensed TWD Collection RPG game, based on ‘The Walking Dead Comics Series.’ Developed in collaboration with Skybound, the creators of the original IP, this Idle RPG immerses you in the relentless walker-infested universe.

Assemble a team of iconic characters like Carl, Rick, Michonne, and Negan, and engage in strategic battles, reliving the thrills of the original comic series.

Whether you’re actively playing or idle, your survivor squad fights globally in AFK PVP battles, climbs leaderboards, and forms alliances. With various PVE activities and content, this game offers an unforgettable adventure for fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ and strategy/collectible/idle RPG enthusiasts.

Download ‘TWD: ALL-STARS’ on XPLA now and embark on a creepy journey in ASYL Town!

[2] Tokenomics

⭐Tokenomcis Flow Chart

Tokenomcis Flow Chart
  1. Acquire Key Points by playing the game, watching ads, or purchasing specific in-game items.
  2. Craft Keys using Key Points.
  3. Open Safes using Keys.
  4. Obtain Unknown Coin.
  5. Purchase rare items like a Headhunt Ticket at the SHOP using Unknown Coin!
  6. Convert Unknown Coin to $XPLA in the XPLA GAMES Wallet!

⭐How to Acquire Key Points

▲ 1. Watching ads.
- Rewards are only provided if you watch ads after reaching Chapter 8–1.
- Event-exclusive sponsored videos do not provide Key Points as rewards.

▲ 2. If you purchase ‘Skip Video’, key
- Even after the purchase, Key Points are only provided after reaching Chapter 8–1.

▲ 3. Purchase specific in-game items.

▲ 4. Complete Key Point missions to acquire extra Key Points.
You can also acquire significantly more Key Points when your VIP Level and chapter progress are higher. Bonus Rates from these criteria can stack with each other.

⭐How to Craft Keys

▲ 1. Keys can be crafted at the Safe Room found in your Town.
The Safe Room becomes accessible when you reach Chapter 8–1.

▲ 2. You can craft keys using Key Points.
It requires 2,500 Key Points to craft one Key and 25,000 Key Points to craft 10 Keys.
- Crafting Keys have zero waiting time; you can instantly craft them as long as you have enough Key Points.

▲ 3. Keys have three grades: Normal, Premium, and Best.
- They are determined by a certain chance.

▲ 4. The higher your crafting level, the better your chances of getting higher-grade keys.
The crafting level is determined by the number of crafting attempts made in the last 60 days.

⭐ How to Open Safes to Obtain Unknown Coins

▲ 1. Safes can be opened in the Safe Room found in your Town.
The Safe Room becomes accessible when you reach Chapter 8–1.

▲ 2. To unlock Safes, the grade of Keys must match the Safes’
- A Normal key can open a Normal safe, a Premium key can open a Premium safe, and the Best Key can only open the Best safe.
- The higher the Safe grade, the better the rewards, which means you can obtain more Unknown Coins from higher-grade Safes.

⭐How to Acquire Unknown Coin

Unknown Coin

▲ 3. When you unlock Safes, you can acquire safe rewards.
- They are determined by a certain chance.

▲ 4. Safes take time to unlock, but you can use Gold Bars or Unknown Coins to unlock them instantly.
- If you don’t have enough Unknown Coins, you can convert your $XPLA into Unknown Coins via the XPLA GAMES wallet.

▲ 5. Please refer to the table for detailed information regarding the <Time Required to Unlock / Currency Required to Instantly Unlock Safes>.

[3] P2O(Play-to-Own) Guide

⭐Where can I use Unknown Coin

▲ 1. Unknown Coins can be used in the Unknown Coin menu found in Trading Post.
- This menu offers items that can be purchased with Unknown Coins!
- After purchasing an item, you need to wait 30 days for the purchase limit to be reset.

▲ 2. You can obtain a Headhunt Ticket (available only at the SHOP). A chance to own the character you have always wanted. Don’t miss out!
- Previously considered a valuable yet costly item that was exclusive to in-app purchases, it became purchasable with Unknown Coin following the P2O update!
- Headhunt tickets allow you to recruit characters of any alignment, including Overseer and Warlord, and when you use a Headhunt ticket, there is a high chance of obtaining a designated character.
- You can use a Headhunt Ticket after reaching Stage 16–1.

⭐How to Convert Unknown Coin <> $XPLA

  1. You can convert Unknown Coin <> $XPLA within the XPLA GAMES Wallet.
    🔗 Wallet Download Link
  2. To learn how to sync your game account with the XPLA GAMES Wallet and how to swap and convert your tokens, please refer to the instructions provided in the following link:
    🔗 [XPLA GAMES WALLET USER GUIDE] #2. Swap & Convert
  3. Keep in mind that when converting between Unknown Coin and $XPLA, there are daily minimum and maximum conversion limits. For more detailed information, please visit the following link:
    🔗 [TWD: ALL-STARS Official Forum] P2O Guide

⭐Where to Utilize $XPLA tokens?

XPLA stands as a gaming-focused mainnet, featuring its own XPLA GAMING UNIVERSE powered by its innovative Play to Own tokenomics system.

With over 10 games seamlessly integrated into its ecosystem, their in-game assets are organically connected. Players enjoy the convenience of exchanging their earned assets from one XPLA game for those in another, effortlessly navigating diverse gaming ecosystems.

We are prepared to onboard more games, with a vision to seamlessly connect and integrate even more games through XPLA, empowering gamers based on the idea of ‘Explore & Play.’

XPLA GAMING UNIVERSE is ready for explosive expansion ahead with a selection of new games and game-specific functions down the lane.

🔗 Check out our Ecosystem!
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⭐The Inside Scoop for Gamers

  1. Key Points are provided through ad watching, and they are calculated based on the unit price of the ads you watch.
    * The unit price of ads may vary by country.
  2. With the ‘Skip Video’ item, regardless of the country and the unit price of the ads you have watched, you receive approximately 500 key points, potentially surpassing what you would obtain through ad watching without the skip item.
    * However, please note that the value of these 500 key points may change based on some circumstances. Therefore, your choice should be based on convenience.
    * Make sure to stay updated through the official TWD: All-Stars community.
  3. If you’re at VIP level 12 or higher, the 1-month ad skip feature becomes unlimited and remains active permanently!
  4. Are you a core gamer? With a higher VIP level, you’ll receive bonus key points, so why not immerse yourself more deeply in the game?
  5. You can operate a maximum of 5 server accounts in The Walking Dead: All Stars.

[4] QnA

Q: Is Unknown Coin a cryptocurrency?
A: No, Unknown Coin is not registered as a token or cryptocurrency on CEX/DEX. It is an in-game currency that can be converted to $XPLA.

Q: Where and when can I obtain Unknown Coin?
A: Acquire Key Points → Craft keys → Use keys in the Safe unlocked in Chapter 8–1 → Obtain “Unknown Coin” → Exchange it for $XPLA in the XPLA GAMES wallet or buy items at SHOP.

Q: What is the conversion rate between Unknown Coin and XPLA?
A: It’s at a ratio of 1000:1.

Q: Where can I find the Safe?
A: In the Safe Room. It’s automatically activated after clearing Chapter 7–40, once you reach Chapter 8–1.

Q: I have some questions/inquiries about The Walking Dead: All Stars game.
A: The Walking Dead: All Stars has its own community. Please inquire on Discord or the forums.
▶ Discord: https://discord.gg/twdallstars
▶ Forum:

[5] Notes

※ To ensure a seamless P2O gaming experience, please make sure to keep your game and XPLA GAMES Wallet applications up to date with the latest versions.

※ Please be aware that the information provided in this P2O guide may be subject to change to maintain the in-game ecosystem or a sustainable token economy.

※ This article is based on The Walking Dead: All Stars team’s P2O guide, and any future updates will be communicated through the official TWD: ALL-STARS community. Therefore, it’s important to stay informed within the TWD: ALL-STARS community for the latest developments.

※ Please be aware that crafting and trading NFT characters or Game Tokens may be restricted by regional laws. Currently, restricted countries include China (PRC), Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

You’re now all set to enjoy The Walking Dead: All Stars P2O features! Why not download it now and make your way to Chapter 8?

🎮Download NOW: https://bit.ly/3EYMpTm

For more in-depth information, be sure to check out the detailed P2O guide from the official The Walking Dead: All Stars forum.
#1. https://twdallstars-community.com2us.com/en/board/5/38134

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