[Game] P2O Guide for Summoners War: Chronicles

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[Game] P2O Guide for Summoners War: Chronicles

Pilots! It’s the ‘Explore & Play,’ XPLA!

As we welcomed the AAA game, Summoners War: Chronicles on July 27th into our ecosystem, XPLA has taken another step toward becoming a hub for digital media content, specializing in gaming content.

Summoners War: Chronicles is the new series of the ‘Summoners War’ IP, which has been reborn as a collection MMORPG, attempting to alter the course of the genre from its existing IP.

We hope you’re all enjoying the adventure in Rahild Kingdom and within the XPLA ecosystem. As we wanted all the Pilots to experience the smooth transition between Web2 and Web3, we are here to provide some step-by-step guides on using the P2O features in Summoners War: Chronicles.
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Continue reading for exclusive and insightful tips toward the end of this article! So please, open your eyes wide and follow me!

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📃Table of Contents

  1. Game Overview
  2. Tokenomics
  3. P2O(Play-to-Own) Guide
  4. QnA
  5. Notes

🔗Summoners War: Chronicles Links:

[1] Game Overview

⭐Summoners War: Chronicles

“Summoners War: Chronicles” is a massive mobile and PC game that combines MMORPG elements with the popular “Summoners War” IP. Expanding on the content and universe of the Summoners War universe, the whole Summoners War series has achieved a remarkable 180 million downloads worldwide and secured the top position in the game revenue sector in 90 countries.

This impressive game offers players a Web3 gaming experience featuring innovative P2O (Play-to-Own) features, immersing them in the vibrant world of XPLA.

The adventure begins with players taking on the role of Rahil Guards tasked with protecting the Rahil Kingdom. Within this expansive realm, players encounter three original Summoners (Orbia, Kina, Cleaf), each possessing unique abilities and over 350 monsters with various attributes.

The game offers a wide array of content, including quests, arena dungeons, Cairo dungeons, the Path of Growth, and challenging raids, enabling players to explore the game’s vast world and enhance their characters. Additionally, players can engage in real-time PVP battles in the arena, either as solo players or in cooperative battles.

“Summoners War: Chronicles” features a P2O system, allowing players to truly own the in-game currency they acquire while playing. They can then utilize it to obtain exclusive in-game items or convert it into $XPLA. This AAA game welcomes both original “Summoners War” enthusiasts and newcomers to embark on a special gaming journey within the captivating universe of XPLA!

[2] Tokenomics

⭐Tokenomics Flow Chart

  1. You can obtain Free Rahild by selling items at the Exchange Center, or you can acquire it as a reward from in-game missions and events.
  2. Exchange Free Rahild for Mileage at the Mileage Shop.
    * Paid Rahild cannot be exchanged for Mileage.
  3. Mileage can be used to purchase premium items at the Mileage Shop.
  4. Exchange Mileage for Xlium through the P2O forum site.
  5. Xlium can be swapped for $XPLA in the XPLA GAMES Wallet!

⭐How to Acquire Crystal

<Paid Crystal>

▲ Purchase at the Package Shop.
Available not only as individual items but also included in packages.
- It can be purchased with IAP, and only Paid Crystals can be used at the exchange.

<Free Crystal>

▲ 1. Can be obtained as various in-game play rewards.

▲ 2. Can be obtained by selling Free Rahild at the Exchange Center.

⭐What is an Exchange Center?

  • The Exchange Center is where you can purchase items from other Summoners.
  • You can also sell items to other Summoners.
  • A currency called Rahild is required to exchange items at the Exchange Center.
    * Paid Rahilds can be acquired by purchasing them with Paid Crystals at the Exchange Center.
    Free Rahilds can be obtained as in-game rewards or by selling items at the Exchange Center.
  • The Exchange Center opens upon clearing Act 5, Chapter 46 quest.

⭐How to Acquire Rahild

<Paid Rahild>

▲ Within the Exchange Center, you can buy Paid Rahilds using Paid Crystals at the Rahild Exchange.
- Paid Rahild cannot be purchased with Free Crystal.
- Paid Rahild cannot be exchanged for Mileage.

<Free Rahild>

▲ 1. Obtained through ‘Field Events’.
- About 2 to 3 events are refreshed daily.

▲ 2. Obtained through the Rahild Collection Challenge.
- It is held weekly, and lots of Free Rahilds can be earned by completing missions.
- There are easy/normal/hard levels, with different reward amounts for each level.

▲ 3. Can be obtained with the sales generated from selling items at the Exchange Center.
- Sellers can set the price and quantity of the items they are selling themselves.
- You will ultimately receive Free Rahild after a certain transaction fee is deducted.

⭐How to Acquire Mileage

▲ In the Package Shop, spend Free Rahild to buy Mileage.
Per account, it’s possible to exchange Rahild for Mileage twice a day, with each exchange yielding 15 Mileage, for a total of 30 Mileage possible.
- Paid Rahilds(Rahilds purchased using Crystals via Exchange Center) cannot be traded for Mileage.

▲ You can exchange Free Rahild for Mileage right away if you own a Summoner Pass or an Arena Pass.
- Even if you don’t have a pass, you can exchange it after watching an ad.

[3] P2O(Play-to-Own) Guide

⭐Where can I use Mileage

▲ 1. Purchase premium items at the Mileage Shop.
- Among the premium items in the Mileage Shop, the Maximization Marble allows users to have a 100% chance to draw the character they want.

▲ 2. Can be exchanged for the linked currency, Xlium.

⭐How to Convert Mileage <> Xlium

  1. Click the Start P2O button from the official P2O forum site!
  2. Sign in with your Chronicles account.
  3. Select your region.
    🚨 IMPORTANT: Please select carefully, as the region cannot be changed afterward.
  4. Exchange Mileage and Xlium, and then please check the transaction history to confirm if it was successful.

⭐How to Convert Xlium <> $XPLA

  1. You can convert Xlium <> $XPLA within the XPLA GAMES Wallet.
    🔗 Wallet Download Link
  2. To learn how to sync your game account with the XPLA GAMES Wallet and how to swap and convert your tokens, please refer to the instructions provided in the following link:
    🔗 [XPLA GAMES WALLET USER GUIDE] #2. Swap & Convert
  3. Keep in mind that when converting between Xlium and $XPLA, there are daily minimum and maximum conversion limits. For more detailed information, please visit the following link:
    🔗 Summoners War: Chronicles Official Forum

⭐Where to Utilize $XPLA tokens?

XPLA stands as a gaming-focused mainnet, featuring its own XPLA GAMING UNIVERSE powered by its innovative Play to Own tokenomics system.

With over 10 games seamlessly integrated into its ecosystem, their in-game assets are organically connected. Players enjoy the convenience of exchanging their earned assets from one XPLA game for those in another, effortlessly navigating diverse gaming ecosystems.

We are prepared to onboard more games, with a vision to seamlessly connect and integrate even more games through XPLA, empowering gamers based on the idea of ‘Explore & Play.’

XPLA GAMING UNIVERSE is ready for explosive expansion ahead with a selection of new games and game-specific functions down the lane.

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⭐The Inside Scoop for Gamers

  1. The key is mining Free Rahild, a currency that can be exchanged for Mileage! It’s important to actively play the game, gather equipment and materials, and engage in exchange market activities to earn a lot of Rahild.
    * Remember, however, that Paid Rahild purchased with Paid Crystals can be used to buy items at the Exchange Center but cannot be exchanged for Mileage!
  2. You may also receive Free Rahild as a reward for defeating powerful bosses in field events. However, since a high contribution is required in boss battles, it won’t be easy with mediocre skills. Aim for the top by sufficiently growing your characters and summons.
  3. Don’t miss out on the Rahild Collection Challenge Missions. By completing missions, you can earn up to 7,650 Free Rahild! They refresh weekly, and the update times vary by country.
  4. Keep an eye on the Chronicles community as you can often collect Rahild during one-time events, too!
    🔗 https://community.summonerswar.com/chronicles/eng-us

[4] QnA

Q: What is the difference between Free Rahild and Paid Rahild?
A: The uses for Free Rahild and Paid Rahild are almost similar.
— Paid Rahild is a currency that can only be acquired by spending Paid Crystals obtained through in-app purchases at the Exchange Center.
— Free Rahild is a currency that can be exchanged for Mileage. Free Rahild can be obtained as various event and game rewards, as well as the sales proceeds from selling goods at the Exchange Center.

Q: Can Paid Rahild be exchanged back into Paid Crystal?
A: No, it cannot. Once you have obtained Paid Rahild from Paid Crystal, there is no way to convert it back into Paid Crystal. However, Free Rahild can be exchanged for Free Crystal.
* In this process, the buyer acquires Paid Rahild by paying with Paid Crystal.

Q: Can Paid Rahild be exchanged for Mileage?
A: No, it cannot. Paid Rahild can only be used for purchasing items at the Exchange Center, and only Free Rahild can be exchanged for Mileage.

Q: Can Mileage be exchanged back into Rahild?
A: No, it cannot. Once you have obtained Mileage from Rahild, there is no way to convert it back into Rahild.

Q: What is Xlium used for?
A: Xlium acts as an intermediary that connects in-game currency, Mileage, with the out-of-game token, $XPLA. There is a possibility that new features utilizing Xlium may be introduced in the future, such as on the Chronicles Official Forum.

Q: I have some questions/inquiries about the Summoners War: Chronicles game.
A: Summoners War: Chronicles has its own community. Please inquire on Discord or the Official Forum.
▶ Discord: https://discord.gg/csaXeYtskV
▶ Official Forum: https://community.summonerswar.com/chronicles/en-eng

Q: What is the minimum/maximum Mileage to Xlium per transaction?
A: Minimum exchange amount from Mileage to Xlium per transaction: 800 Mileage / Maximum exchange amount from Mileage to Xlium per day: 10,000 Mileage
* However, please be aware that this may be subject to change in order to maintain the in-game ecosystem and a sustainable token economy. Therefore, make sure to check for updates through the official Summoners War: Chronicles community.

[5] Notes

※ To ensure a seamless P2O gaming experience, please make sure to keep your game and XPLA GAMES Wallet applications up to date with the latest versions.

※ Please access the P2O site through the Official Forum. Beware of unofficial routes such as scam sites.

※ Please be aware that the information provided in this P2O guide may be subject to change to maintain the in-game ecosystem or a sustainable token economy.

※ Any future updates will be communicated through the official Summoners War: Chronicles community. Therefore, it’s important to stay informed within the Summoners War: Chronicles community for the latest developments.

※Please be aware that converting Game items or tokens may be restricted by regional laws. Currently, restricted countries include China (PRC), Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.

※ This information neither constitutes nor is intended to be, an offer or solicitation to buy, sell, subscribe to, underwrite, or purchase any form of investment, securities, or other financial instruments. It shall not serve as the foundation for, nor be relied upon in any manner in association with, any contractual arrangement, investment decision, or any other form of advice or prospectus relating to XPLA. Individuals who access this information or engage in XPLA transactions must conduct their own due diligence and ensure compliance with all local laws regarding cryptocurrency, tax, securities, and other regulations in their own jurisdiction. All local laws must be complied with, and access is prohibited in restricted areas, including, but not limited to the United States and People’s Republic of China.

You’re now all set to enjoy Summoners War: Chronicles P2O features! Why not download it now and savor your adventure in Rahild?
* You should download through this global download link below to explore P2O features.

🎮Download NOW: Download Link

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