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Welcome, pilots! We are thrilled to unveil the final chapter of our Wallet User Guide series: Game Launcher!

Game Launcher, crafted exclusively by XPLA GAMES, introduces a groundbreaking approach to game launching, achieving the perfect decentralization of Web3 gaming🎮

Are you curious?👀 Well then, let’s dive in and explore the realm of Game Launcher together!🚀

  • 📱 Google play store: Link
  • 📱 iPhone / IPad: Link
  • 🖥 Chrome Extension: Link

* This article is the final chapter of the Wallet User Guide series. If you would like to read the other parts, please refer to the list above! Since the articles are interconnected, we suggest reading them in order from the beginning🔍🔍

  • For enhanced security and service experience, please keep the application to the latest version.
  • Certain functions of XPLA GAMES may not be available in particular countries due to local regulations. [Including China(PRC), Singapore, Japan, and South Korea]
  • Please be advised that XPLA GAMES will never send a DM asking to type your mnemonics, so be watchful of scammers at all times.
  • When executing a transaction, users must have sufficient balance in their wallets to cover transaction fees.

1. What is ‘Game Launcher’?

‘Game Launcher’ plays a vital role in the game onboarding process for XPLA GAMES.

During this period, game providers can sell Game Fan Cards through the Game Launcher. Simultaneously, users have the chance to evaluate games by accessing various game-related information, such as beta testing opportunities and game introduction videos. By purchasing Game Fan Cards using $XPLA before the Game Launcher period ends, users can actively participate in voting on whether a game should be onboarded to the platform.

The way the voting works is very simple! If you like the game, just hold on to your Game Fan Cards until the Game Launcher period ends; however, if you don’t like the game and wish to quit, you can withdraw from participation and get your $XPLA back at any time during the Game Launcher period! *Please note that transaction fees are required in the Purchasing & Withdrawing Game Fan Cards.

Every game will set a specific sales target for their Game Fan Cards, and the game can only be successfully launched on the platform when this target is met.🚩 Your support plays a crucial role in helping game providers achieve their goals in reaching the target. Please show your strong support!💪

Once the Game Launcher concludes, the Game Fan Cards held by users will be issued as NFTs. These NFTs will be recorded on the blockchain, ensuring the permanent preservation of your support. Additionally, users who possess these Fan Card NFTs will enjoy exclusive benefits provided by each game provider, with the specific benefits varying for each game.

Through this process, users can enjoy a carefully curated selection of verified games, ensuring a high-quality gaming experience within XPLA GAMES.

For a more detailed Game Launcher flow, please refer to our 🔗white paper!

2. What do I need for ‘Game Launcher’?

— First, you will need to deposit XPLA ($XPLA) in your Wallet.

1. Download the XPLA GAMES Wallet from the provided links:

2. Safely purchase XPLA ($XPLA) from an available exchange through the provided link:

  • 🔗 CoinMarketCap
  • Note: Please review the deposit and withdrawal policies for virtual assets at each exchange before making a purchase.

3. Transfer the purchased $XPLA from the exchange to your XPLA GAMES Wallet, and you’re ready to go!

3. How do I participate in ‘Game Launcher’?

Step 1. Visit 🔗XPLA GAMES Game Launcher and press [Connect Wallet]

Step 2. Press [Allow]

Step 3. Once the popup message “XPLA GAMES Game Launcher is connected” appears, your connection has been completed!

✔ Transaction fees are required in the purchasing and withdrawing processes, so we recommend ensuring that you have a sufficient balance in your wallet.

The screenshots below provide a visual representation of the Game Launcher process for ‘Ace Fishing: CREW’ to enhance understanding.

✔ Please note that the Game Launcher conditions and Game Fan Card rewards may vary for each game. For accurate information, kindly refer to the official community of each game before the actual Game Launcher takes place.

1) Purchase

Step 1. Check your $XPLA balance.

Step 2. Press [Purchase] for the game you want to buy the Game Fan Card for.

Step 3. Enter the quantity of Game Fan Cards you wish to purchase. (Additional purchases are available at any time during the Game Launcher period, but please note that the Max Cap may vary for each game)

Step 4. Press [Purchase]

Step 5. Confirm the required $XPLA based on the quantity of Game Fan Cards, the wallet address, and the final transaction fee. Make sure to review the terms and conditions before pressing the [Purchase] button.

Step 6. Enter your [Password]

Step 7. Press [Confirm]

Step 8. Press [Confirm] and your purchase has been completed!

2) Withdraw

Step 1. Press [Overview] at the top of the main screen.

Step 2. Check the Game Fan Cards you currently hold and their quantities.
▶To display the [Withdraw] button, please scroll to the right.

Step 3. Press [Withdraw] for the game from which you want to withdraw.

Step 4. Enter the quantity of Game Fan Cards you wish to refund.

Step 5. Press [Withdraw]

Step 6. Confirm the $XPLA refund amount based on the quantity of Game Fan Cards, the wallet address, and the final transaction fee. Then, press [Withdraw]

Step 7. Enter your [Password]

Step 8. Press [Confirm], and your withdrawal has been completed!

👀 Cautions

※ You have the flexibility to make additional purchases, fully withdraw, or partially withdraw at any time during the Game Launcher period.

※ However, please keep in mind that once the Game Launcher period ends, refunds for your Game Fan Cards will not be possible. Therefore, it is essential to carefully review the Game Launcher period set by the game provider.

After the Game Launcher period ends, the [Fan Card Claim] button will be activated based on whether you hold the Game Fan Cards.

✔ To receive NFT-based Game Fan Cards and a variety of benefits provided by the game developer, you must complete the claim process for your Game Fan Cards.

Step 1. Press [Fan Card Claim]

Step 2. Check the Game Fan Cards you currently hold and press [Claim All]

Step 3. Press [Confirm], and your claim has been completed!

Step 4. You can check the claimed Game Fan Cards in the NFT tab of your XPLA GAMES Wallet.

Step 5. Press [View] to see detailed information about the Game Fan Card NFTs.

XPLA GAMES has made significant strides in decentralizing the Web3 gaming landscape and creating a sustainable blockchain gaming environment through its Game Launcher.

We have an impressive lineup of games scheduled for onboarding on the platform in 2023. Your active participation is vital in bringing top-notch and high-quality games to XPLA GAMES.

Stay connected with our XPLA Games community for the latest updates and be part of the effort to shape an exceptional gaming experience!🎮

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