Blizzard launches new StarCraft II War Chest to further explore how far corporate greed in esports can go

Blizzard today announced the War Chest: BlizzCon 2017.

On the surface this seems like a great initiative for the StarCraft II community, Blizzard is finally engaging fans of their awesome RTS to help contribute to the esports scene. The three individual race passes will be $9.99, the entire War Chest will be $24.99.

It’s a concept that was obviously greatly inspired by the Battle Pass/Compendium in Dota 2, where the community-funded prize pool for 2017 just hit $21,5 Million USD. But once again Blizzard just proves to be remarkably tone-deaf when it comes to creating lasting value in its own community.

Just like similar crowd-funding campaigns in LoL and Dota 2, 25% of all War Chest purchases go directly to the StarCraft II prize pool, to create engagement and excitement BlizzCon 2017. But where Dota 2 again this year broke the world record record for the highest prize pool in esports, Blizzard severely limits the impact of their own campaign before it’s even for sale.

Just up to $200k USD will be added to the prizepool for BlizzCon 2017, anything over that amount will “contribute to event production”.

Blizzard just put a $700k USD ceiling on their own tournament. Or in other words, they put a $200k limit on their own crowd-funding campaign.


Does this mean that Blizzard have absolutely no faith in their own community? I mean, do they simply not believe that they can sell more than 32,051 units of the War Chest (which would equal roughly $200k contribution to the prize pool)?

Or is this a new low, and a new high, for publisher greed in esports?