How to apply for 1,000 jobs while sleeping

Nicolò Mantini
Sep 23, 2018 · 3 min read

Are you actively looking for a job? Have you used Linkedin “Easy Apply” to send your applications? Would you like to have a digital assistant that sends applications on your behalf?

EasyApplyBot is my answer ☺

As a recent MBA graduate, I found myself applying for jobs that could help me change my previous career path. Coming from an engineering background, I soon realized how competitive it is to find a job in areas new to me, like Marketing or Consulting. A lot of jobs are out there with a very high number of applicants per job post. The competition is so high that any job seeker has to prepare and send lots of applications, before receiving a single answer. As a matter of statistics, in order to be competitive, one should send the same amount of applications that a company receives. Even when an answer is received, that is usually an automatic one, meaning that no one even looked at the application.

Why should I spend my time preparing and sending applications that no one reads? Is this time worth it any value? Am I learning anything out of this activity?

Why in 2018, in the middle of the 4th industrial revolution, in the years of robots, should I spend my time preparing and sending job applications?

To clarify my doubts, I distinguish between the learning experience and the manual work of the application process.

  • The learning experience is the research done by the applicant about companies, industry and perhaps also himself. Doing research, whether internal or external, is definitely a valuable experience, even though I still believe a robot might give us better insights. Nevertheless, I will not deep down into this area.
  • The manual work is the application process itself: find vacancies, search for the apply section, collect your documents and send them. I do not see any added value in this process. Instead I consider the procedure a pure “monkey job”.

With regards to this monkey job, LinkedIn introduced “Easy Apply”, that simplifies the application process. All you have to do is the following: find a job that matches your interests, upload your CV and click Apply!

Easy and quick but still takes time. Time spent reading the description of each job and checking the compatibility with my skills and interests. Time spent assuming that recruiters are waiting for my awesome application I am about to send. They are not. My application will not be processed with the same effort I put into selecting the job. In fact, it is even worse: probably my application will not be opened at all.

Hence, if recruiters are not personally considering my applications, why should I spend my personal time assessing each of the job posts?

Why not applying for all jobs compatible with my profile and consider them only in case of a real match? If this is the way, I should rather hire a real monkey that can carry out this tedious manual work for me…While I sleep.

In fact, online there are various “monkeys” available, in the form of a Python code, that can apply for you, while you are enjoying your free time!

Here is my python script on GitHub.

Login, set your keywords and location: this code will keep applying at a rate of about 100 applications / hour.

To test it, I set my preferences, prepared my CV, with a first page as shown in the picture, and went to sleep.

After a few hours of good sleep, I got 3 interviews scheduled for the following week. One of the job posters even appreciated my “Digital Assistant”, as shown in the picture below :).

This is an example of how useless and repetitive activities can easily be replaced by more valuable ones. In my case the automation of a robotic process not only gave me time to rest, it turned out to be successful as well!

How much of your daily time can be replaced by a machine?

Feel free to use and improve my easyapplybot on GitHub



Nicolò Mantini

Written by

Xplorer @ 🌟 🎶 🏆 MBA, MS Eng



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