Why XponentL Data Feels Right at Home in Kosovo

Drilon Jaha
XponentL Data
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2 min readSep 7, 2023

Hey there! We’re thrilled to share a bit about our recent journey with XponentL Data. You know, when you’re looking for the perfect place to grow your dreams, you want somewhere vibrant and full of possibility, right? That’s exactly how we felt about Kosovo when deciding to set up our Center of Excellence (CoE).

Let’s start with the people. Imagine walking into a place where every other person you meet is under 30. That’s Kosovo! It’s like this big, bustling hub of young energy. They’re not just enthusiastic, but they’ve got this knack for tech, thanks to some solid schools emphasizing IT, engineering, and business. It’s as if every year, Kosovo gifts us a crowd of fresh talents ready to dive into exciting projects.

Budget-wise? Kosovo’s got our back. Running our operations here doesn’t drain our wallets, but the quality we can provide? Top-tier. It’s like finding that perfect café which serves your favorite latte just right, and won’t even make your pocket feel light!

And let’s chat about location. Picture a place nestled right between the busy streets of Europe and the vast landscapes of Asia. That’s Kosovo for you — our cozy little spot that’s connected to everywhere we’d want to be.

We can’t skip mentioning the local authorities. Imagine having a supportive friend who’s always cheering you on and giving you the tools to succeed. That’s what the Kosovar government has been for us — setting up tech parks, and offering incentives, making our journey smoother.

The heart of Kosovo is in its stories, traditions, and its readiness to embrace what’s new. It’s like having one foot in rich tales of the past and another in the dynamic dance of the present.

Lastly, while everyone’s buzzing about tech these days, Kosovo is like that quiet corner of the library — brimming with potential stories, just waiting for someone to tell them. And with our CoE, we’re all set to share some fantastic tales!

To wrap it up, our move to Kosovo feels like we’ve found a new home, where every corner has a story, every challenge a lesson, and every success a shared celebration. So, here’s to the journey ahead — hand in hand with Kosovo, stepping into a future filled with shared dreams and vibrant stories! 🎉🌟