Building the Internet of Value: One Year Later

Ethan Beard
Published in
3 min readJul 2, 2019


Just over 12 months ago we announced Xpring, Ripple’s ecosystem initiative, with the simple and ambitious goal to build the Internet of Value. We started with a team of two and began collaborating with developers, entrepreneurs and companies to pursue this mission.

Xpring has quickly grown and to date we have committed $500M in support of over 20 companies, ranging from independent developer projects to larger scale partnerships. Our efforts have expanded to focus on two areas: build the best crypto infrastructure through contributions to open source crypto protocols such as the XRP Ledger and Interledger projects; and help innovative blockchain projects grow through partnership and investment.

Our goal at Xpring is to make it easy for developers to build projects that create real use cases for XRP. The Xpring team is building a robust developer platform by offering resources such as tools, libraries and services for developers on the XRP Ledger and Interledger protocols. We’re aggressively growing a full stack team including engineering, product, marketing and developer relations to back projects that solve customer problems in a transformative way.

From content monetization platform Coil to gaming platform Forte, Xpring has made a major commitment in realizing blockchain’s potential to transform industries through new business models. The team has also worked with some of the most innovative blockchain projects and entrepreneurs that could truly transform money. A few others include:

  • Bolt Labs is a privacy-focused payment channel network supporting multiple digital currencies. Bolt scales off-chain transactions while preserving privacy.
  • Securitize unlocks liquidity in the trillion dollar private securities market with compliant and easily tradable assets.
  • Dharma is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that enables users to easily borrow and lend cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world.
  • Wietse Wind’s XRPL Labs develops applications for the XRP ledger, including xumm, a signing app for users and developers, and other projects.

We have seen a great response from the developer community and we are growing rapidly to continue to partner with and invest in great teams in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Xpring will continue to focus on three key areas:

  • XRP Ledger — Providing tools to developers that are building on the core ledger, including exchanges, wallets, custody providers and payment processors.
  • Interoperability — We believe a tech stack for crypto that is broadly interoperable across chains and layers will deliver the best experience for both developers and end users. We support the Interledger Protocol as a standard for transacting across systems, and are interested in other infrastructures that allow for cross-chain interaction.
  • Decentralized Finance — Investing in new decentralized financial projects with crypto as their primary building block including debt, derivatives, stablecoins and other synthetic assets.

Simply put, we want to work with developers and entrepreneurs who are building towards a shared vision to reshape the world’s financial systems and enable the Internet of Value — visit to learn more.