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3d VR Collaboration Platforms for Architects & Designers, Fashion Brands & Marketers Discover Games.

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XRB WIRE : AR/VR/3D/Game/AI insights for decision makers- 44

In Today’s Edition :

Big Story 1: Emergence of 3d VR Collaboration & Design Online Platforms

Big Story 2: Why are Fashion Brands & Marketers interested in Games

VR Apps: Fitness, Stress Relief & Soft Skills Training

by Harold Raichur

Advent of 3d VR Collaboration & Design Platforms

AR / VR for design projects isn’t about features, it’s about the ability to Design, build, iterate, test & deploy architectural projects.

Every year 3D technologist & developers explore new set of possibilities that may lead to entire new categories.

When I started my career in the late 90’s, 3D was synonymous with architectural renderings & walk-through. Everyone started out creating 3D walk-through before they branched out to other forms of 3D visualizations.

Since then, 3D helped solve the problem of visualizing all types of large spaces — 3D cartoons for TV or giant film sets, football stadium in a game or a walk-through of a five star property.

Earlier 3d scenes were rendered to a film or video format. you could watch it on a monitor or screen and interaction was limited to the play & pause buttons.

With ‘Virtual Reality’, we just enter 3D space, like you would enter a room a hotel lobby or maybe a fantasy ‘winter wonderland’ by artist Rein Bijlsma.

Once you put on a VR headset, you no longer are a viewer, you are transported into the midst of a virtual 3D environment.

In VR the immersion is complete as you take control and interact with the elements of this 3D world.

When you wield a VR controller for the first time, its like waving a magicians wand. The learning is fast as you open & close windows & doors, change colors of the wall, play with the light modes and move & throw objects in 3D space.

Its intuitive and its fun.

This is a good reason why marketers of real estate, virtual tours & events think AR / VR will be crucial for business growth for their industry in 2021.

So what’s new with 3D technology ?

Image Credits: Highrock

3D Collaboration & Design Platforms

In the last couple of years, VR took a giant leap forward with the emergence of online collaboration & design platforms with VR

Gone are the days when everyone worked in silos in a linear fashion. With online collaboration & design features, Architects, Designers & Clients get to communicate, iterate, design & make better decisions at a faster pace.

These platforms are powered by latest 3D game engine technology, operating in the cloud, with multiplayer features, that allows anyone from any location to interact & collaborate in virtual reality.

Given the current situation, you would agree, remote collaboration platforms are a practical option and the only limitation would be the speed of your internet connection.

Whats needed is a shift in thinking & ability to learn news tools. In turn with these platforms, Designer’s, Architect’s, Contractor’s & clients can work intuitively, smarter & faster that the older systems.

Image Credit: GQ & Burberry

Why Are Fashion Brands & Advertisers interested in Games?

Marketers have long held the belief that attention is a diminishing commodity.

In reality, attention hasn’t diminished, it has diversified.

With the arrival of smartphones, social media, picture sharing platforms, online retail & now games the avenues to market & sell products has grown exponentially.

According to Paolo Mascio, President of Yoox,

“We firmly believe that games and interactive initiatives have a business relevance. They are key to offering an innovative and personalized shopping experience, which is what customers, millennials and Gen-Z in particular are increasingly asking for.”

Games is now mainstream entertainment & home to a large demographic base who are potential customers for fashion goods.

So, How can brands capture the time and attention of gamers?

By thinking out of the box & successfully sell a lipstick brand to gamers — like Tencent & MAC, did in 2019.

They are not alone here- major international brands, like Burberry, Gucci, Adidas & Louis Vuitton are also wooing the fashion loving gamers.

According to Mark Jiang, MAC’s vice president of global commercial,

“There’s a huge crossover, especially given the continued growth of the female gaming community, as well as gamers integrating fashion, style and beauty into their streams,”

Here are three major reasons to attract the creative & fashion industry to gaming-

  • Games are big business and has a universal appeal.
  • The integration of fashion in the gaming and digital world.
  • Generation Z — the generation with an growing spending power

The game industry is still growing & is pegged at a 150 billion dollars worldwide . These are compelling motivators for any fashion brands, wanting to capture the attention and pockets of gamers.

Image Credits: VZFIT

VR Apps: Fitness, Stress Relief & Soft Skills Training

The pandemic is still active- but life has to go on, albeit with a twist of virtual reality.

I have said this before many times, VR will continue to throw up newer use cases and better ways to solve old & new problems.

Let me know if you test out some of the VR apps listed below.

Virtual Reality encourages users to exercise up to 4 times more frequently than in the real world.

Help for Health Care workers manage stress & we all agree they need it the most.

Soft Skills Training for the undeserved also shows the growing relevance of VR in the future of training.

If the future of fashion is Digital then Virtual Fashion Designer is a Future Job.

Image Credits: GQ & Drest

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