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XRB WIRE : AR/VR/3D/Game/AI insights for decision makers- 42

Good Afternoon, According to a recent McKinsey Global Survey for IT Strategy , more than half of respondents said that technology transformations have lifted revenues, reduced costs, and improved employee experiences.

Key point this report makes is- Investments in the broader use of advanced technologies supports greater value creation.

And the key theme for 2021 is “ Invest to Save

In Today Edition:

Unity : Post 2020 impact & Immersive Technologies trends for 2021

Case Studies : Volkswagen, Siemens, Burberry

Unity : Digital Experiences In The ‘Physical World’

by Harold Raichur

Photo by Laurens Derks on Unsplash

Immersive Technologies trends for 2021

Unity Software has recently published a post 2020 impact report with contributions from leading thought leaders connected with immersive technologies like, Alice Bonasio (Tech Trends), Cathy Hackl (Futures Intelligence Group), Facebook Reality Labs, IBM, Microsoft, NVIDIA, PTC, PwC & Unity .

As per this report, some of these major trends may impact, how businesses use immersive technologies in 2021-

1- The use of mixed reality will expand to enable more human Connections.

2- Cross-functional collaboration across immersive media will grow

3- VR will prove even more useful in the workplace

4- Volumetric video will take off for training and up skilling the workforce

5- Remote attendance through virtual reality.

6- Engineering and manufacturing organizations to be the most vocal about their use of immersive technologies.

63% of surveyed companies in this report used immersive technologies to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 & 71% plan to accelerate
their use of immersive technologies in 2021.

[ Note: You can compare the change in thought process with the Forrester report from March 2020 in the later part of the newsletter ]

So far, most studies state that digital transformation & new technology adoption will lead to tangible benefits for both small & large organizations.

In the next couple of years, we will be seeing some interesting use cases & case studies as organizations adopt AR/VR/MR for to solve problems.

Case Studies

By now we know that most companies of all sizes had to expedite their digital transformation journey in 2020. Some had a head start from before & many had to adopt as best as they could.

Let us look at some of the case studies from companies who adopted to the unprecedented situation of 2020.

How did the big guys PIVOT

Volkswagon Virtual Motor Show ( Credit: Volkswagon Youtube)

Volkswagen in response to the cancellation of the car industry’s largest trade shows launched their own virtual motor show to exhibit new vehicle models.

Siemens created a virtual simulation lab allowing employees and customers to continue collaborating in VR using a digital twin of their physical lab.

Burberry created an interactive virtual replica of its flagship Tokyo store that allows their shoppers to browse and buy the entire spring/summer 2021 collection.

And how did the small guys Pivot

A local school collaborated with a virtual reality arcade and game studio so their students could visit a VR classroom, participate in lectures, complete assignments and engage with their peers all from home.

Digital Experiences In The Physical World

In March 2020,

Unity published a ‘Thought Leadership Paper’ with Forrester Consulting, who surveyed 358 respondents working with 3d technologies & 3D content creation for their organizations.

The paper is focused on AEC ( Architecture/ Engineering/ Construction) and manufacturing companies. The aim was to to understand how ready were these companies for “Real-Time 3D”.

The report threw up some key insights on the role of real-time 3D for these businesses-

  • 61% have challenges with visualization.
  • While only 19% respondents say their firms have adopted it
  • 55% of industrial leaders say they will have adopted real-time 3D within the next two years.
  • 94% of those who have implemented real-time 3D are expanding their investment.
  • 97% believe real-time 3D would improve or revolutionize their workflows and processes.

Finally what is hampering the growth of 3d tech is summarized in a single line in the report,

‘ The No-1 barrier to adoption of real-time 3D for respondents was cost’.

Now, after a year,

There is enough new data to show, real-time 3D along with AR/VR/MR & other digital technologies gave companies a distinct competitive edge & in many cases allowed them to keep running their business.

Which was not the case for those who were on the sidelines and the reason why we are seeing a renewed focus on digital transformation related themes in 2021.

From Unity Software’s, ‘Immersive Technologies trends for 2021’ report we know that early adopters of technology were able to their grow business & gained a competitive business edge.

What the AR / VR / 3D solutions provides have to find out is, how to use the above example to communicate the cost benefit advantage to the companies on the sidelines of adopting 3d technologies for their businesses.

From the Web

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Watch how various industry are currently using AR/ VR & MR.

Hope you enjoy this edition & thanks for reading. This newsletter is not behind a paywall so please subscribe below. Give me feedback to make this newsletter better.

Do share your views & insights or experiences so that I can use them here with your permission .

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