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XRB WIRE : AR/VR/3D/Game/AI insights for decision makers- 37

Hi There, relaunch of this newsletter on Medium & other news

First an update,

This newsletter is not new, for a year or so on LinkedIn it was called “FridayFive- BEST of the week gone by in AR/VR/MR/3D/AI & Games”. The format is still the same, what has changed is its location to Medium from LinkedIn & it gets a brand new name & logo.

You will find the last LinkedIn appearance of this newsletter here

So, Without taking much more of your time, let us begin the newest edition of this newsletter.

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In this week’s edition

Big Picture: Advantages of VR over physical training in Medicine

Use Cases: AR/VR & the future of teacher training, Virtual clones to improve public speaking

Ed-Tech: Can immersive tech simulate the classroom experience for students

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VR for Medical training education & cost analysis details that will impress your finance manager

Situational awareness in Medicine is the ability to know “what to do when”, and to “calmly think on one’s feet” in a life or death situation that could get out of control.

There are more than one excellent use cases for VR & AR, the topmost is in training medical students & practitioners in situational awareness in the ER.

By now it is well known that- training with physical simulation is expensive as it consumes both time and space . Also it is only available in larger centers and needs to be led by faculty & actors. In short it cannot be scaled to deliver flexible training when needed by clinicians.

But then, there is the question of cost & ROI. We need proof that Virtual reality simulation is cost effective than physical training. This article gives us a detailed breakdown of the cost of using an medical education immersive system that will be kosher with your finance guys too.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

AR/VR & the future of teacher training & development

Virtualization is the future & possible could be a theme for the next decade. One of the most neglected by technology are those who work in the business of empathy- teachers & educators. But things are changing for educators & AR/VR training solutions for educators is the future.

Virtual Clone for better public speaking

Those of you who have received training in public speaking will remember using video recording to catch your mistakes in diction or body language. With VR based clones you get a massive step up- from watching a video to being in the same space as your clone.

Ed-Tech & the use of immersive tech in India

Some believe that the next phase of growth will come from increased use of immersion based learning to improve the learn from home situation which by now we know isn't going away any soon.

It sure can be done but can it be done at scale & at acceptable cost is a question that will need answers. Sitting for hours in-front of a monitor is sedentary. With a well designed immersive curriculum a student can be kept physically active- which means even if they stand on their feet more than they have to sit will be an huge health benefit.

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How can I help with your plans for AR/VR this year ??? This is what we do & if you like what you see connect up with me.



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