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Personal Productivity Using Virtual Reality


What is Productivity?

Major factors in VR productivity

Architecture Considerations

Productivity Tools

Soft Factors

The Current Landscape

  • Immersedhttps://immersed.com/
    Immersed was the first major personal productivity app release on the Quest but had been on the Go and Gear even before that. It’s been on the Quest that they have garnered a solid and faithful following of users and aggressively churn out updates and enhancements to their growing user base. They perfected the process of spawning virtual monitors across all major OS platform’s that users are connecting to, and offering a broad selection of environments for users to work in.
  • Meta Quest2 (Home Browser) — https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/web/
    Meta has been showing the concept of what they call “Infinite Office” for over a year now. While they have not confirmed anything definitive, videos of the concept specifically focus on the Quest browser as the centerpiece of this effort. The browser shows updates in my headset almost weekly and it gains increasing functionality with every major new release.
  • vSpatial https://www.vspatial.com/
    vSpatial was a pioneer in the VR personal productivity space, launching on Oculus Rift in 2017, Steam in 2018 and coming to Quest in 2020. Utilizing an innovative, wraparound docking system and the ability to work with individual apps as windows as well as virtual monitors, this platform offers users a great deal of flexibility. They also allow connecting using just the Quest back to the host system over the internet through their cloud hosted linking capability.
  • Windows Mixed Realityhttps://www.microsoft.com/en-us/mixed-reality/windows-mixed-reality?rtc=1
    Microsoft has had a VR component built into Windows since 2017. Their corporate focus, however, has been on the HoloLens as a marketable product. Hololens and its desktop counterpart Windows Mixed Reality, share code and functionality. WMR exists as an option for any user with a currently up-to-date Windows 10 and Windows 11 system in the world making it quite accessible for many users.

A few words about the charts below

Functionality Chart

Product Chart

Use Case Chart




Soft Factors:

Closing Thoughts

Where to next?

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