Virtual Reality & Perception of Time

Bryan Tong
Jul 5, 2019 · 2 min read

Hello there! This is still a draft; however, I figured I would publish it as I progress. My last update is 7/4/2019. (Happy 4th of July!)

tl;dr — Life, specifically relating to time, is perplexing, fleeting, and yet occasionally seemingly endless. I thought about it a little too much, got curious, and decided to put on a headset to write this informal paper.

Some of the sources which I am currently reading through are attached below. Once I am finished, I plan to clean and compile (ideally coherent) bullet-point notes of fascinating parts of these studies.

If you’re reading this draft as of 7/4, I am also awaiting delivery of my Oculus Rift S. Although I was the President of the largest collegiate AR/VR organization in the world, I’ve ironically never owned a Oculus (or Vive) personally in my 3+ years as a developer.

I’ve chosen the Rift S as my home workstation due to it having sufficient body / space tracking for my highly-cramped bedroom. Once I’ve built a Minimum Viable Thesis Test (MVTT), I plan to conduct small-scale (n < 30) studies, across all ages, of perception in time in VR.

Thanks for reading so far! This is very WIP.

Bryan is the former President of Virtual Reality @ Berkeley. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area as a full-time SWE, exploring part-time AR / VR research.

Extended Reality @ Berkeley

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