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VR First
Dec 6, 2017 · 3 min read

We’re well into our third year at VR First, and have evolved significantly from since the beginning, expanding our lab and partner network in just a short amount of time.

We are truly global, open, and cherish all things immersive. Join us in our efforts to democratize innovation!

In the last year only, we have expanded our lab network to 50 labs on all continents; partnered with entrepreneurship and technology hubs and supported many immersive hackathons and competitions.

VR First’s central vision is to democratize VR/AR innovation. In order to stay true to our objective, we are constantly incentivizing institutions, helping developers convert ideas into business opportunities and bringing together those engaging with VR/AR with established industry partners.

Needless to say, pursuing such a great vision requires great team effort. We are looking for new global colleagues for many open positions, in the areas of marketing, graphics, development and more. Example descriptions follow, but please don’t hesitate to write us your spontaneous application if you have a great idea on how to work with us! Some of our open positions include:

Account/Sales Manager

The Account Manager’s role is to create & manage long-term, trusting relationships with our partners. This involves overseeing a portfolio of assigned customers and actively seeking new sales opportunities. Account Managers should also be able to answer client queries and identify new business opportunities among existing customers.

Community Manager

If you are interested in technology, VR/AR and have experience in social media promotion, you may be exactly who we are looking for! An ideal candidate for this position needs to have strong oral and written communications skills across a number of channels. This individual will be able to develop engaging and attractive content to further gain brand awareness & positioning among potential partners. This individual should be very outgoing with the ability to moderate conversations both online and offline. The Community Manager is responsible for engaging with the organisation’s online community in a way that builds brand loyalty.

Content Creator

You will work directly with our partners in order to determine how to bring the most relevant and necessary content to potential readers. You will act as the official intermediary between VR First and its partners to provide beneficial and tangible information to all parties. An ability to understand basic models and partner’s requirements are a necessity. As a content creator you will have to ensure that the content has intrinsic value for the readers and can create interest in the consumers, potentially turning them into clients or partners.

Marketing Specialist

VR First is looking for an enthusiastic Marketing Specialist to offer their capabilities to help lead our marketing efforts. You will be an integral part of the development and execution of marketing plans aimed at reaching targets to increase brand awareness & promote VR First products and services. You should possess a strong grasp on consumer behavior and be capable of generating creative ideas. The goal is to deliver effective marketing campaigns that will spread brand awareness and promote company growth.

PR Specialist

We are looking for a dynamic PR specialist to preserve and protect the VR First brand image in ways that promote our core values, ambitions and mission. You will be responsible for maintaining media relations and collaborating with the marketing team in execution of promotional activities. Ultimately, the goal is to maintain positive public awareness of the company and its brand.

If you think you are up to the challenge and see yourself aligned with our vision and mission, we look forward to receiving your application via e-mail. Don’t hesitate to contact us through

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