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Rahel Demant
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3 min readAug 5, 2019


Join the XR Nomads Movement!

Do you know how VR/AR is developed, played and experienced in other countries? If you knew, you’d be surprised!

Just think about Japan, where developers don’t need tables to work — or China, where a large majority owns a VR headset. In India, VR is mostly a social occasion game, played at birthdays and with families, whereas in Germany, only the hardcore gamers will know and play VR/AR games and applications.

Do you have experiences with developers from other cultures and environments? Have you already learned new things by going to classes and workshops in different countries and learned to see your own skills from a new perspective? We are sure you have and are curious to learn more.

At the heart of XR Nomads is the curiosity to explore different life styles, cultures and VR/AR development modes to be inspired and take back new ways of working, developing and immersing ourselves. Localizing VR/AR content for different cultures across the world is a different effort from video games — and we will be at the forefront of immersing ourselves.

We know You are a curious and big-thinking, so each trip we design an exclusive, one-off program of local XR experiences and networking events specifically curated to the destination.

Traveling to India and participate in the most exciting VR/AR conferences!

We’re all about finding the balance between the must-attend conferences, local VR/AR experiences and the coolest sight seeing activities — all catered to the groups preferences. In addition, we run workshops and co-create them with you. If you want to give a workshop to the group, we will schedule a date! Or select a skill that you want to learn and we will invite a local expert to teach you his/her knowledge!

What’s included ?

  • Accomodation and Coworking Space with VR/AR equipment
  • 1 Ticket to major VR/AR conference (value min 1000 USD) and trip organization
  • 1 Weekendtrip to a large international hackathon with potential prize money to win ;)
  • Networking events with regional VR/AR stakeholders, startups, developers, universities and more
  • Socializing events, 1 lunch and dinner per week
  • Additional Fee: VR/AR course and personal mentorship
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Apply to join the XR Nomads movement and become immersed at the intersection of real and virtual worlds.



Rahel Demant
XR Bootcamp

Rahel Demant, cofounder at VR First, XR Bootcamp and writer/editor at VR World, VR First and Haptical