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Sep 21, 2018 · 3 min read

By IBM, AnotheReality and the BestBlend

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In a not so far future, humans are commonly interconnected with AIs to improve their mental capabilities, living a sort of symbiotic relationship. Their bond is so strong that breaking it can lead to destructive consequences for both of them.

In spite of this, Adam Vogel forced a disconnection from Avery, the AI he was connected to, putting it in a state of trauma.

Two special agents of the Virtual Bureau of Investigation (VBI) are assigned to a mission in Avery’s Virtual World to find out the reason of Vogel’s actions. They will have to unlock chunks of memory from the AI’s system and put it together to be able to understand his story and close the case.

The project

VBI: Lost Connection is an interactive narrative based VR multiplayer installation, where two players, as VBI special agents, need to cooperate inside Avery’s Virtual World to unfold the story and solve Adam Vogel’s mystery.

Co-Produced by IBM , the experience features their signature drawing recognition AI technology, allowing the players to sketch objects and have the system materialize it in 3D as part of a investigation puzzle.

The Project also features the acting performance of Tommaso Caporali as ASAC Thompson of the VBI, and Gianandrea Muià as motion capture performance to give life to Adam Vogel’s memories.

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Directors Bio

Paolo Cellammare is an italian director, writer, producer and artist. In over 15 years he has been involved in almost any field of the media industry, from advertising to live television and from YouTube to big international fashion productions. He is known as author for the feature documentary “ Wishes on a Falling Star ”, for the popular italian comedy webseries “ Cotto & Frullato ” and “ The Crystal Gear ”, the movie that this series inspired. He has been researching VR technology for a long time before getting involved first-hand.

Since 2015 he is CEO of The Best Blend , his own production company. Fabio Mosca is an italian virtual reality designer and engineer. With a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science engineering, Fabio focused his studies on videogame programming and interactive media, leading to developing virtual reality headsets based software in 2014.

After years of experiments and research in virtual reality, he released Yon Paradox in 2016, a VR videogame about time paradoxes, and co-founded AnotheReality , a VR creative studio where he currently is CTO. Founder of the biggest italian VR community (AperitiVR, the VR Milan meetup), he also teaches VR and Game programming in academies and gives talks about VR development principles across conferences.

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